The Week in Review

WordPress pulled a fast one on me last night when I tried to write a post. Things seem to be back to normal tonight so what’s a day late??

Whose ready for Christmas (of those who celebrate)? Not me! Although I am one gift closer to being ready…

Unfortunately, this has been a rough week. I’ve been under-the-weather, which has really cut into my shopping (and other everyday things that need to get done). Now I’m going to have to battle the crowds this weekend. So not looking forward to that! I’m hoping that I can get everything done at one store–please, cross your fingers for me!

So, what’s new with me this week? Here’s a quick update:

Reading: Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews. This is just what I needed—Kate Daniels. AlthMagic_Breaksough, Curran hasn’t figured much in the book yet. I’m missing His Furriness. Hope he makes an appearance soon, and I sure hope Kate takes care of Hugh for good this time! I’m just over halfway done, and looking forward to reading more later (hopefully my eyes aren’t too tired).

TV: Ah, yes, me and TV. I’m sure you know what I was doing Wednesday evening: catching up on Property Brothers at Home. Their “retreat” is freaking over the top. Although, personally, I could have done without the putting green and half-court for basketball. The guesthouse they created for their parents rocked! Although, I see Mama Scott cooking in the kitchen in the main house.

Also, I’ve been watching The Blacklist after a recommendation from a friend. Really enjoying James Spader. He is quite the creepy good/ bad guy. I’m still watching Leverage—gotta have me some Eliot and Hardison. Also, I’ve tried catching up on Arrow, but my CW app is having issues. Grr…


Writing: Not too much progress. I’m working on world building for a new Wednesday Briefs story. I’m making my own genre: m-m urban fantasy. I sure hope you like it. I expect the posts to start after the first of the year. Stay tuned!

Also, I’ve been writing on Steele’s POV for the Edge of Fury novella. I think your gonna like the motorcycle hottie even more once your get inside his head. Cover design is also underway for that, too. Yay!

Time for another cup of tea. Hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the flu!

Happy holidays to all my friends and followers!


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