Wednesday Briefs: Edge of Fury, Conclusion

I can’t believe this is the last post of Edge of Fury. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed the story. See below, because I have a hint of what’s to come for Zane and Steele.

First things first. We need the prompt and then the good stuff. Cause, yep, this is another NSFW installment!

This week’s story includes two prompts: “Up…on your knees for me” and “More spanking?”

Do I need to include my content warning or is the NSFW sufficient…bear with me…I’m going to remind readers that this post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If two guys together sexually bothers you, stop reading now. If rimming makes you blush…get ready.

‘Nuff said. Time for the guys!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Edge of Fury, Conclusion


Avery Dawes

The sound of wood crackling had Zane opening his eyelids. Steele had lit a small fire in the kiva in the corner of the room. He also lit several candles, which were scattered around the room. Zane hadn’t expected such a romantic scene. In fact, he didn’t know his biker had it in him to do something so sweet, almost girlie.

“You like?” Steele’s voice sounded from the far side of the room. His biker had shed his pants and underwear. The flickering light of the fire threw highlights on Steele’s toned thighs and abs.

Zane licked his lips. “Yeah, babe, I like.”

Chuckling, Steele clarified, “I meant the candles and the fire.”

“Oh yeah, they’re good to…why don’t you come over here? Let me taste all those sexy muscles.” Zane scooted so he rested on his elbows, his eyes glued to Steele’s erection.

Steele stalked toward the bed, holding a bottle of lube. “You’ll get your turn. First, grab some condoms out of the drawer and put them on the bed.”

Zane did as instructed. He made sure to grab several. If he had his way, there would be no sleeping tonight. He may never be able to sit again, but it would be worth it.

“Good. Now slide to the center of the bed and lay on your stomach.”

Moving slowly, Zane couldn’t help but ask, “More spanking?”

Winking, Steele said, “If you’d like, I’d be happy to. Although, I had other plans for that sweet ass of yours.”

“Okay, I can handle that.” Zane grabbed a pillow and cuddled it under his chest. He felt the bed dip when Steele crawled on.

His biker’s hands skimmed his calves and tickled the backs of his knees before massaging their way higher. “Spread your legs for me, darlin’.”

Zane opened wide. He hoped this meant that Steele would be preparing him for that large cock. It had been too long, and Zane wanted to be filled.

Tapping his hip, Steele instructed, “Up. Get on your knees for me.”

Steele caressed Zane’s thighs before using his thumbs to spread Zane’s cheeks, exposing his most sensitive entrance.

Waiting, Zane expected Steele to grab the bottle of lube and dribble some down his crack. Much to his surprise, he felt wetness, but not the thick, coolness of lube. Instead, Steele had to be using his tongue. His biker tasted him, plunging his tongue inside. None of Zane’s previous lovers performed rimming. This was such a new feeling for him. He moaned and shoved his ass back against Steele’s face. “God, that feels…so…good…don’t stop.”

Steele pulled back, “Like that, do you? I’m glad ‘cause I love your taste.”

Zane didn’t have time to react before Steele dove back in. “Babe…if you don’t stop…gonna come.” He hated to admit it, but Steele’s tongue fucked him just like his cock would. It was so personal that it brought Zane to the brink faster than he would’ve expected.

“Now we can’t have that.”

This time Zane heard the pop of the lube cap. Cool fingers grazed his hole before he felt one breach him. “Yeah, babe,” Zane breathed, “give me another one.”

Zane didn’t have to wait long. Steele gradually stretched him. Because he was so relaxed, it didn’t take long until he heard the condom tear and Steele’s lubed cock pushed at his entrance.

“Fuck, darlin’, you’re still tight.” Steele bit out, apparently trying to stay in control.

He wanted that cock–now! Zane was confident Steele wouldn’t hurt him, but this was taking too damn long. He pushed back against Steele’s length, impaling himself.

“God, darlin’, you feel so good.” Steele grabbed Zane’s hips and pushed the rest of the way in.

“I’m good…really…please move…” Zane begged and rocked his hips.

He didn’t need to tell Steele twice. He felt his biker pull almost completely out before slamming back home.

“Fuck yeah, babe, give it to me.” This what was Zane had been waiting for.

The sound of flesh slapping and the scent of sex permeated the room. Zane could tell Steele was close when his rhythm faltered. With any luck, they would come at the same time. Zane’s cock had been leaking non-stop. When he felt his balls pulling tight to his body, he grunted, “Now, babe.”

Steele’s fingers gripped his hips tighter as he shifted the angle. Pegging that bundle of nerves did Zane in. “Fuck, Steele,” he groaned, shooting all over the bed.

His channel contracting sent Steele over the edge. Zane felt the warmth of Steele’s seed through the condom.

“God, darlin’. I think you killed me.” Steele toppled them to the side and cuddled Zane in his arms.

Zane murmured, “Don’t get too comfortable, we’re not done yet.”

“You’re almost asleep.” Steele pressed a kiss to Zane’s neck. “Let me take care of the condom and throw another log on the fire.”

“Better come back soon, babe.”

“I’m not going anywhere…love you.”

* * * *

Zane turned and found Steele missing. His source of warmth had vacated the bed. He squinted at the clock. Just after three-thirty in the morning. Sitting up, Zane listened, trying to figure out where Steele had gone.

His biker tip-toed into the bedroom.

Rubbing his eyes, Zane asked, “What’s going on?”

“I had a voice mail. I didn’t want to wake you so I walked out to the living room.” Steele slid under the covers and pulled Zane against his chest.

Getting comfortable, Zane threw a leg over Steele’s hip. “What was the message?” He leaned up, tonguing Steele’s nipple piercing.

“Darlin’, stop distracting me…It was Martinez. I’m good.”

Zane’s paused. “Care to explain? What’s that mean?”

Steele captured Zane’s lips in a rough kiss. He breathed, “It means they’ve got enough to take down Razor and Addison. He told me to stay out of sight for the next couple of days.” Winking, Steele asked, “Wanna keep me company?”

Zane dove in, his tongue dominating Steele’s as he crawled on top of his biker. He broke off the kiss to tease, “I can think of some stuff we can do. You know, to pass the time.”

“Good. Now kiss me again.”

The End

Before I turn you loose on the other briefers…

Be sure to stay tuned if you’re an Edge of Fury fan. I’m currently adding to the story. You may have noticed that this piece was told exclusively from Zane’s point of view. If you’re interested in learning more about Steele, you’ll have to check out the novella when it’s released for sale. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make the announcement on here when it’s ready.

The other briefers include:

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