Wednesday Briefs: Edge of Fury, Conclusion

I can’t believe this is the last post of Edge of Fury. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed the story. See below, because I have a hint of what’s to come for Zane and Steele.

First things first. We need the prompt and then the good stuff. Cause, yep, this is another NSFW installment!

This week’s story includes two prompts: “Up…on your knees for me” and “More spanking?”

Do I need to include my content warning or is the NSFW sufficient…bear with me…I’m going to remind readers that this post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If two guys together sexually bothers you, stop reading now. If rimming makes you blush…get ready.

‘Nuff said. Time for the guys!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Edge of Fury, Conclusion


Avery Dawes

The sound of wood crackling had Zane opening his eyelids. Steele had lit a small fire in the kiva in the corner of the room. He also lit several candles, which were scattered around the room. Zane hadn’t expected such a romantic scene. In fact, he didn’t know his biker had it in him to do something so sweet, almost girlie.

“You like?” Steele’s voice sounded from the far side of the room. His biker had shed his pants and underwear. The flickering light of the fire threw highlights on Steele’s toned thighs and abs.

Zane licked his lips. “Yeah, babe, I like.”

Chuckling, Steele clarified, “I meant the candles and the fire.” Continue reading “Wednesday Briefs: Edge of Fury, Conclusion”