New Year’s Decadence, continued

Since today is New Year’s Eve, I wanted to share another portion of Tyler and Carson’s story, New Year’s Decadence. Consider this a bonus and a belated Christmas present from Avery to you.

Please celebrate safely this evening! Happy 2015!


New Year’s Decadence, Part II

Dinner was absolutely delicious. They both ordered the chef’s special, a mixture of seafood sautéed in a delicate white wine sauce served over a bed of linguine. Of course, a salad of organic greens, rustic French bread, and dessert were included. Oh, and not to mention the bottle of Acacia Pinot Noir Tyler picked for them. Somebody had to have done his wine research! It complimented their dinner quite well.

Carson nibbled at the last couple of bites of his Godiva chocolate and caramel-drizzled cheesecake. He didn’t want to be so full that he couldn’t take advantage of the dancing. Plus, truth be told, other things were niggling in the recesses of his brain.

“What are you thinking, babe?” Tyler asked, reaching for Carson’s hand across the table. “You got quiet all of a sudden.”

Carson shook his head. “I’m overwhelmed. This has been the perfect night, and it’s just started.” He fidgeted with his fork before continuing, “Plus, I don’t mean to be a downer, but this has got to be hugely expensive.” Continue reading “New Year’s Decadence, continued”

New Year’s Eve Wednesday Briefs

I hope that everyone had a great holiday! Now, we are on the verge of 2015. Where has time gone?!

Avery wanted this edition of Wednesday Briefs to be special. She’s decided to give you a glimpse into what’s happening with Carson and Tyler, her characters from Fall Break Fright. The prompt she picked for this week was to have her characters slow dance (this actually shows up in Part II of the flash since Carson and Tyler got carried away with the word count). In case you aren’t familiar, here is a link for Fall Break Fright.

Remember, Wednesday Briefs are flash fiction pieces so they are limited in word count. They also have to include a prompt.

Avery hopes you enjoy this flash!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

New Year’s Decadence


Avery Dawes

Carson rolled over, reaching for Tyler, only to find his side of the bed empty, the sheets cool. Groaning, Carson sat up enough so he could scan the room before checking the time. Maybe he’d slept later than he thought? He struggled to remember if Tyler had mentioned something about going out first thing this morning.

When he didn’t spy Tyler or hear him banging around the kitchen, he glanced at the clock; however, something blocked the normally bright blue numbers on the face. Carson fumbled, finally grabbing the object. After he adjusted the bed pillows, he examined what was a crisp, white envelope made from a heavy-weight paper. Puzzled, he turned it over in his hands, looking for clues. The engraved “C” on the front didn’t offer anything, other than it had to be expensive. Good thing he didn’t make a living as a detective; he’d have been fired a long time ago! Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Wednesday Briefs”

Launch of CoolDudes Publishing

Cool_Dudes_PublishingThe Island by KristopherQuentin

Stars Fall by Louis J Harris

Draven’s Gate by Cheryl Headford (Mock up Cover to come)

An Anthology to support our social outreach program.


A submission call from writers all over the world.

* * * *

This is what can be expected from CoolDudes Publishing in the next three to four months.  We have chosen to launch withCheryl-Headford-Dravens-Gate-FINAL-small (1) Cheryl Headford’s beautiful YA M/M Fairytale for the simple reason that Cheryl writes the most endearing, angsty gay stories the whole world should know about. Find more info here.

With this launch we intend to give a $25.00 Amazon coupon to a lucky subscriber to our site and Newspaper, plus free e-book copies of Draven’s Gate, Stars Fall and The Island when it is released. To top that, all our participating bloggers will have a giveaway prize of all three e-books to one of their lucky subscribers.


We want to tap into the M/M market and expand it using our affiliate editors,beta readers, reviewers and promotional staff. We don’t ask for a penny upfront, however, we do offer contracts and deduct a small percentage of 40% from royalties for the services we offer.

We aim to publish e-books with a strong M/M element but are NOT genre romance and not specific to Happy Ever After (HEA). The work may be darker in nature and reflective of the world gay men face. These are more along the lines of how things really happen with all of the horrors gay men and women have to face through their lives.
Continue reading “Launch of CoolDudes Publishing”

The Week in Review

WordPress pulled a fast one on me last night when I tried to write a post. Things seem to be back to normal tonight so what’s a day late??

Whose ready for Christmas (of those who celebrate)? Not me! Although I am one gift closer to being ready…

Unfortunately, this has been a rough week. I’ve been under-the-weather, which has really cut into my shopping (and other everyday things that need to get done). Now I’m going to have to battle the crowds this weekend. So not looking forward to that! I’m hoping that I can get everything done at one store–please, cross your fingers for me!

So, what’s new with me this week? Here’s a quick update: Continue reading “The Week in Review”

Hearts in the Storm Tour

TItle: Hearts in the Storm

Author: Elmer SewardHearts-in-the-Storm

Published: May 2014

Word Count: 35,400

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Content Warning: Mild profanity and “off camera” sexual situations

Age Recommendation: 18+


Struggling with loss and regret, Trista sets out for North Carolina’s Outer Banks, hoping to find peace in her stormy life. Fate and an old golden retriever set her on a path toward healing with an unlikely hero, the man that the locals call “Duck.” Despite his careless and irresponsible behavior, Trista is drawn to him.

Trista discovers that Duck is haunted by the ghosts of his own shattered past. Desperate for help, she is faced with the necessity of placing her hopes and her life in the hands of this man that many blame for the death of his best friend. As Hurricane Renee bears down on the Outer Banks, Trista and Duck drive a wave-battered boat into the teeth of the storm. Each one hopes to conquer the tempest that rages around them and the tempest that rages within.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads Continue reading “Hearts in the Storm Tour”

Destiny Book Blitz

Picture of a fast moving cars at nightTitle: Destiny

Series: The Tranquilli Blood Line Series #2

Author:   Celia Breslin

Published:  November 3rd, 2014

Publisher:   Champagne Book Group

Word Count:   74,000

Cover Artist:   Ellie Smith

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Romance

Content Warning:  Sexual situations, violence, and profanity

Recommended Age:  17+

Synopsis:  In HAVEN, San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli survives a vicious attack by her vampire family’s longtime archenemies. Several weeks later, as she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, supervillain Dixon resurfaces and kidnaps two of her best friends. To save them, Carina must comply with the evil bastard’s unusual demands. The kicker? She must tell no one what she is up to.

Meanwhile, she has a new dance club to open for the preternatural community, a fated soul mate acting secretive and distant, and a sexy, new, undead friend who’d love to take Alexander’s place in her heart and bed.

Blackmailed, betrayed, tempted…sometimes destiny has a wicked sense of humor.

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Wednesday Briefs: Edge of Fury, Conclusion

I can’t believe this is the last post of Edge of Fury. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed the story. See below, because I have a hint of what’s to come for Zane and Steele.

First things first. We need the prompt and then the good stuff. Cause, yep, this is another NSFW installment!

This week’s story includes two prompts: “Up…on your knees for me” and “More spanking?”

Do I need to include my content warning or is the NSFW sufficient…bear with me…I’m going to remind readers that this post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If two guys together sexually bothers you, stop reading now. If rimming makes you blush…get ready.

‘Nuff said. Time for the guys!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Edge of Fury, Conclusion


Avery Dawes

The sound of wood crackling had Zane opening his eyelids. Steele had lit a small fire in the kiva in the corner of the room. He also lit several candles, which were scattered around the room. Zane hadn’t expected such a romantic scene. In fact, he didn’t know his biker had it in him to do something so sweet, almost girlie.

“You like?” Steele’s voice sounded from the far side of the room. His biker had shed his pants and underwear. The flickering light of the fire threw highlights on Steele’s toned thighs and abs.

Zane licked his lips. “Yeah, babe, I like.”

Chuckling, Steele clarified, “I meant the candles and the fire.” Continue reading “Wednesday Briefs: Edge of Fury, Conclusion”

Night Series: Night Child

I totally stayed up past my bedtime last night so I could finish this one (‘this one’ being Night Child, Night #3). What an amazing read! Lisa Kessler has done a fabulous job of creating sexy, strong heroes with special abilities and then pairs them with equally strong and savvy women.

Issa and Muriah are the perfect match, even if it takes most of the book to convince stubborn Muriah. Issa is an incredibly powerful Walker who turns into a gorgeous black jaguar. Despite all his power and the length of time he’s been around (more than centuries and eons!), he can’t see inside Muriah’s mind.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but this book has it all—great characters (and yes, several of the past hotties come back to help); an intriguing, fast moving plot; a particularly evil villain in Apep (the god of Chaos, and boy does he have fun creating some); a wedding on the beach; a precarious and utterly crucial pregnancy (the survival of the mortal world depends on it–no pressure on Issa and Muriah *sarcasm*); a suspicious government agent who turns out to be so much more; some laugh-out-loud moments and some tear-shedding moments; gosh, what else?? I feel like I’m forgetting something… Oh, I am, and no way I am even hinting at it (would give way too much away).


A psychic gift…Night_Child

Muriah La Deaux’s latest job requires her to locate an ancient codex detailing a prophecy of an immortal birth. But before she can deliver it, her client is brutally murdered. Now a man with chaos in his eyes wants the codex she’s hiding.

An immortal child…

Issa is one of the original Night Walkers, a proud protector of the mortal world. Now, when the survival of his entire race rests on protecting an unborn child, Issa is the only immortal strong enough to protect Muriah on a risky mission—locate the lost scrolls that will trap their foe—but his tenuous grasp on his sanity is slipping.

The ultimate sacrifice…

Muriah’s headstrong spirit awakens feelings in Issa that are best left buried. But as the battle between love and chaos ensues, sacrifices must be made. Continue reading “Night Series: Night Child”