Sexy Sample Sunday

shutterstock_28220263Below you will find several sexy snippets from Julie L. Hayes’ Wednesday Briefs story, Don’t Look Back. I’m including an overview and then a link to Full Moon Dreaming, Julie’s bog.

Julie is an awesome friend and fabulous writer. I wanted to showcase her current story so please enjoy (although it is NSFW – you’ve been warned!). She also has several books and stories published. I encourage you to check them out and visit all the Wednesday Briefers.

CONTENT WARNING: The below story contains adult themes and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Marshall and Lee’s relationship is far from traditional, and one considered taboo by many. Despite that, their love for one another is strong and fierce. Circumstances forced them apart for five long years, and they’re determined that now they’ve been reunited, nothing will ever separate them again. They live a quiet life in a small town in Texas, and only one person there knows their secret, and doesn’t judge them.

Marshall and Lee have a love most extraordinary…

Now for some sexy snippets:

“Stop running and face me, boy.”

The words sent chills skittering along Marshall’s spine. He was torn between the desire to obey and the need to provoke punishment. Giving in and turning was his first instinct, but the idea of being stretched out across the other man’s lap, his ass exposed, bared to receive those glorious swipes of his firm hand was too strong to ignore.

Ooh, spanking… let’s see what else made it into the story…

A strategically timed tuck and roll brought him to his knees. He automatically assumed the position. Head down, hands behind him, palms up, against the base of his spine, just in the hollow above his ass. He wasn’t even winded and he took pride in the fact. He was in great shape, and he knew Lee loved his body and the pleasure that it gave. At the age of twenty, Marshall wasn’t ripped, not by any means. But he was built, he was strong, without an ounce of fat on his lean frame. And he was limber as hell.

How about another one:

“Assume the position.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Marshall laid himself across Lee’s legs, the denim rough against his bare skin.  He turned his head to avoid getting another mouthful of flowers.

“Spread ‘em.”

Marshall obliged, widening the space between his legs, feeling the warm breeze caress his pucker. Lee’s hand stroked gently across one cheek, but Marshall knew better.

These are getting good!!

He dragged his tongue softly across Lee’s taint until he reached his goal. Then he circled the hole lightly, teasingly. He felt Lee’s body relax into his touch, knew he enjoyed Marshall’s ministrations.

“Fingers too?” Marshall questioned.

“Mmmhmmm,” Lee murmured his assent.

One last bit of sexiness…hope you enjoy it!

“Suck me, boy,” Lee commanded, and Marshall happily obeyed.

Marshall wrapped one hand around Lee’s balls, while the other drew Lee’s cock into his waiting mouth. He took it all in one fell swoop, savoring the familiar taste. He didn’t suck immediately, but simply held it there. Then he pulled back, as his tongue danced about the thick shaft, exploring the slit, while he continued to roll Lee’s balls.

To check out all of the story installments, visit Julie’s blog at The posts will be under Wednesday Briefs. I’ll even help you out, here’s the link to chapter one.

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