Sexy Sample Sunday

shutterstock_28220263Below you will find several sexy snippets from Julie L. Hayes’ Wednesday Briefs story, Don’t Look Back. I’m including an overview and then a link to Full Moon Dreaming, Julie’s bog.

Julie is an awesome friend and fabulous writer. I wanted to showcase her current story so please enjoy (although it is NSFW – you’ve been warned!). She also has several books and stories published. I encourage you to check them out and visit all the Wednesday Briefers.

CONTENT WARNING: The below story contains adult themes and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Marshall and Lee’s relationship is far from traditional, and one considered taboo by many. Despite that, their love for one another is strong and fierce. Circumstances forced them apart for five long years, and they’re determined that now they’ve been reunited, nothing will ever separate them again. They live a quiet life in a small town in Texas, and only one person there knows their secret, and doesn’t judge them.

Marshall and Lee have a love most extraordinary… Continue reading “Sexy Sample Sunday”