Thoughts: Burn for Me

I finally finished Burn for Me this morning. The past couple of nights, I’ve been trying to stay awake and knock out the remainingBurn_For_Me pages, but I just couldn’t do it–not for any issues with the book, I was just physically too tired.

Thanks to Sharron for recommending it! I didn’t even realize the husband and wife writing team of Ilona Andrews had a new book out. Shame on me! LOL I am huge Kate Daniels fan so once Sharron started giving me background on this book, I knew I had to read it.

After picking up the book, I wondered if it was more PNR than Urban Fantasy. I’m not going to discuss the particulars of each genre, but I found a nice combination in the story–urban fantasy, romance (more like sexual tension), and even a bit of mystery. Oh, and just my two cents: The models on the cover aren’t how I pictured the characters. Mad Rogan is much hotter!

So back to the read. First, the book started slowly for me. Sharron raved about how she couldn’t put it down, and after the first twenty or so pages, I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me. The good news is the book was like a freight train ascending a mountain: it chugged and chugged along until it finally hit the crest and charged down the other side. I’d say the last 60-70 pages of the book were the absolute best for me.

I really enjoyed Nevada Baylor, the strong female lead. She definitely wasn’t Kate, but she had snark and wit and boy could she hold her ground (somebody should have warned Mad Rogan about that!). I liked her dedication to her family and the business and the fact she didn’t let herself get pushed around, whether from Augustine or Mad Rogan.

Mad Rogan rocked. For me, he kicked ass despite being compared to a dragon and being a rich, powerful, magic user. He might have been the Scourge of Mexico, but he was one swoon-worthy Scourge. Despite his faults, he immediately grew on me, and I found myself rooting for him over Adam Pierce, the villain (well, it’s a bit more complicated, but I don’t want to spoil anything).

The secondary characters were great–Grandma Frida rocked. Augustine was slimy and played his part well. I really like how she incorporated magic in the book. It was very unique and clever. At times the circle-drawing and rituals reminded me of Diana Rowland’s Kara Gillian series (not a bad thing, mind you). The interactions between the characters were great, too. I loved the chemistry and the antagonism that existed, especially between Nevada and Mad Rogan. When they finally “get together,” look out! It is going to be hot and spectacular!

Needless to say, I’m so ready for book 2 and not happy about the wait. Grr…need more Mad Rogan. Now.

4 out of 5 stars


I’m going to share some examples of what I liked in the book (passage/ conversation-wise). Some of these might contain spoilers so read on if you dare!

p. 82, Nevada meets Adam Pierce in person:

I shook my left hand, unfolding a Mercer Arboretum gift t-shirt . . . “For you.”

“You bought me a T-shirt?” He raised one eyebrow.

Every nerve in my body was shivering with tension. Steady. “You keep forgetting to put one on, so I thought I’d bring you one. Since we’re having a serious discussion.”

He leaned forward, his beautiful face framed by soft hair. “Do you find my chest distracting?”

“Yes. Every time I see that panther with horns, it makes me laugh.”

Adam Pierce blinked.

Didn’t expect that, did you?

p. 125, Nevada has a phone conversation with Mad Rogan in the presence of her mother and her awesome grandmother:

“I need to talk to you,” Mad Rogan said into the phone. “Meet me for lunch.”

My pulse jumped, my body snapped to attention, and my brain shut down for a second to come to terms with the impact of his voice. . .

“Sure, let me get right on that.” Hey, my voice still worked. “Should I bring my own chains this time? Or do you have bigger plans, and is this some sort of freaky murder foreplay”–why did the word foreplay just come out of my mouth?–“and I’ll end up cut up into small pieces inside some freezer at the end? I can just spray myself with mace and shoot myself in the head now and save you the trouble.”

“Are you done?” he asked.

“Just getting started.” I was so brave over the phone.

“Lunch, Ms. Baylor. Concentrate. Pick a place.”

“You seem to be under the impression that I work for you and you can give me orders. Let me fix that.” I hung up.

Grandma looked at my mom. “Did she just hang up on Mad Rogan?”

. . .

My phone beeped. Unlisted number again. I answered it.

“I’m not a man of infinite patience,” Mad Rogan said.

I hung up.

There is lots of good stuff that continues in this section. I’m going to share one more line. The rest of it, you will have to read on your own. On page 127: Nevada is trying to think of someplace they can go to lunch where they won’t be recognized. This is Mad Rogan’s suggestion. ” If you prefer, I can acquire a windowless creeper van, and we can huddle in it and have greasy takeout.”

One last passage (this one definitely contains spoilers). Page 370. No context given–don’t want to give every last bit away!!

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and kissed him. All of my wants, all of my secrets, and all of the times I’d watched him and thought about him and imagined us together, all of my gratitude for saving my grandmother and for protecting Houston and its people, all of my frustration and anger for putting my cousin into harm’s way and for having no regard for human life, I poured all of it into that kiss. It was made of carnations and tears, stolen glances and desperate, burning need. I kissed him like I loved him. I kissed him like it was the only kiss that had ever mattered.

His mouth opened wider beneath mine. His arms closed around me. He kissed me back. There was no magic this time. No phantom fire, no velvet pressure. Just a man, who tasted like the glory of heaven and the sin of hell rolled into one.

Hope you enjoyed those! Now, go check out the book *grins*

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