Marine Corps 10K

The_Liaison_Room_ReflectionI had a fun, yet rushed weekend in Washington D.C. I’m going to share some of my photos from the short trip. I went down Saturday afternoon, checked into The Liaison on Capitol Hill, and picked up my packet from the spacious runner’s expo at the D.C. Armory – lots of vendors and goodies to look at *grins*. Dinner was at La Tasca, a tapas restaurant in Chinatown (you know from my previous adventures, how entertaining Chinatown can be. It didn’t disappoint this time!). Unfortunately my fav restaurant, Graffiato, was packed. The food at La Tasca was great and worked perfectly for a pre-race meal.La_Tasca

Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw my “dream” car at the hotel. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. You know, to remember it by since I will never own one! What do you think? Does this car make your “win the lottery car purchase”? In case you can’t see the symbol on the hood, it’s a Bentley. An oh so beautiful Bentley.


Sunday was a crazy mess! We gave ourselves an hour to get from the hotel to the race. The Metro chart said it would take 15 minutes on the train to get to the race start. Surely an hour would be long enough, even with the single tracking on the Red Line. Nothing like being wrong. We waited 32 minutes for the Red Line Metro. As we exited the Metro station, the Marine at the top kindly reminded us that the start of the race was imminent. Of course, I needed to pee (sorry, if that’s TMI), and the lines at the few port-a-johns were long. As in very long. Ugh. With a minute to race time, I made the decision I would find a place to pee on the course. Well, that minute passed by super quickly, and I found myself dashing to catch-up with the walkers at the back of the race pack.

Post-race selfie
Post-race selfie

That first mile was a challenge. The streets were clogged with walkers and slower runners. It took me some time to make my way through them. I will spare you the details of the 6.2 mile course. Suffice to say, I didn’t get to pee until after I finished (oh, it was painful!), and I didn’t like the steep uphill finish. The Marines along the course – oorah! It was such a good feeling! When the Marine placed the Finisher’s medal on my neck, I was both proud and honored.

Overall, I’m glad I did the race. My time was decent, and given the complications of the morning, I’ll take it. I ran the race in 58:14. Since it sounds cool, I’ll share that I placed 75th out of 571 runners in my age group.

If you have the chance to do the race, I’d recommend it. The Marathon always has a huge draw. Unfortunately a knee injury will never allow me to run a full marathon. At least I got to feel the excitement of the 10K.

runwithmarines MCM

Last, but not least by any means: I’m dedicating my run to one of my coworkers, who is in ICU and not doing well. This one was for you, Charlie!

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