Be My Human

Today I’m hosting Julie and M.A. as they talk about their latest release. Let’s make them feel welcome!!

The Making of an Alien

I was very excited when we started writing Be My Alien for two reasons: one, I was getting to write with my friend, M.A. Church, and two, we were going to write about aliens! And since she had written about aliens in the Nighttime series (which I’d read) as well as the Harvest series (which I hadn’t yet), we decided I should write the alien and she’d write the earthling.BeMyHuman

Yes! I was very excited! But where to begin? In M.A.’s Nighttime books, the alien has dreads/tentacles that can take on a life of their own, and is somewhat reptilian appearance. So I knew I had to go into a different direction. And since I happen to be a catlover, it seemed very natural that my alien should have some… well… feline qualities, let us say.

I needed a name for him, of course. At the time, I was watching Top Chef, and one of the chefs had definitely caught my fancy. His name was Fabio Viviani. He’s so cute! And the way he says “burger” as “boorger” is adorable! But I digress. I elongated his name a little bit and came up with Fabrintazo, thinking his nickname would be a derivative of Fabio. But things don’t work out the way you thought, and he informed me he preferred Taz, so Taz he became.

Taz just sort of developed as I wrote him. In the first book, he’s on a date with Vorlod, a fellow student at the university he attends on his home planet of Trygos. He’s been wanting to go out with Vorlod forever, but had no luck, until suddenly out of the blue, Vorlod invites him to Earth! Taz gets dumped there by Vorlod, who was only using him, because he is a trusting, innocent soul, very naïve. And now very lost and alone on Earth.

Taz has stripes, but they only become noticeable when he is aroused. Same for his tale. It wasn’t until after I’d developed him and we were writing the first book, Be My Alien, that I actually got to read The Harvest. And I was amazed to learn that M.A.’s alien, Keyno, has very catlike qualities himself! Great minds think alike is all I can say, although the similarities are more superficial than actual. I still think it’s funny I came up with a cat alien all on my own and wasn’t influenced by hers lol.

In Be My Human, the major part of the conflict belongs to Reed, but of course, Taz is in the thick of things. I hope you enjoy reading about them both, and thanks for having me on your blog. If you were going to create an alien, how would he or she look? I’d love to know! Continue reading “Be My Human”