Sexy Sample Sunday

Carson isn’t sure which is worse: his callous aunt or the zombies. He’s just glad he has Tyler to help him face both.


Since I’m promoting Fall Break Fright like crazy this weekend, I thought I’d share a sexy sample from the story. I hope you enjoy this teaser from my college boys, Carson and Tyler.

If it helps, picture Carson as Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler as Matt Damon (both when they were in their early 20s). *wink*

* * * *

Unabashed, Carson rutted against Tyler. He could be just as much of a tease if he wanted. “I was thinking more of the relaxation that follows a sweaty round of fucking.”

Sliding his hand into Carson’s hair, Tyler tugged, tilting his roommate’s head back and exposing his neck. Tyler nipped his way down Carson’s neck before sucking at the base. His voice raspy and deep, Tyler warned, “You better be careful what you wish for, Car.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make him come in his pants like a sex-starved teenager. Carson moaned, his body completely at Tyler’s mercy.

“You better not come—” Tyler started before two rapid-fire shots jolted them back to reality.

“Damn zombies!” They complained nearly in unison.

“Those shots were off to our left. Gotta be Pritchard again.” Tyler paused. Carson guessed he was trying to get a fix on the zombies. “I don’t hear anything else. We better get moving while the coast is clear.”

Carson couldn’t help himself, “Yeah, quit screwing around Tyler. We’re supposed to be  battling zombies, not making out in the tree line.”

* * * *

Buy Link: – Don’t forget, it is free today (Sunday, the 19th)!

2 thoughts on “Sexy Sample Sunday

  1. “If it helps, picture Carson as Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler as Matt Damon (both when they were in their early 20s). ”

    Love it!!!!

    I got it Sunday but haven’t started it yet. I’m writing out the final action piece for Damon in the training circle and I don’t want to break my writing rhythm.

    After that, however, I’m diving in with both feet!!!!

    Can’t wait!


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