Sunday Quotes

As you know, every now and again I like to share writing quotes. I’ve been saving some good ones from Jon Winokur and Advice to Writers. Now, it’s time to share. Hope you like these as much as I did!



“I have myself always been terrified of plagiarism—of being accused of it, that is. Every writer is a thief, though some of us are more clever than others at disguising our robberies. The reason writers are such slow readers is that we are ceaselessly searching for things we can steal and then pass off as our own: a natty bit of syntax, a seamless transition, a metaphor that jumps to its target like an arrow shot from an aluminum crossbow.” ~ Joseph Epstein

(I confess, this one made me chuckle. I imagined one of those clip art bandits carrying a sack of books as opposed to stolen goodies.)


“The best research gets your fingers dusty and your shoes dirty, especially because a novel is made of details. I had to know what a place smelled like, what it sounded like.” ~Barbara Kingsolver

Word Power

“Increase your word power. Words are the raw material of our craft. The greater your vocabulary the more effective your writing. We who write in English are fortunate to have the richest and most versatile language in the world. Respect it.” ~ P.D. James

Photo courtesy of Kristin Nador
Photo courtesy of Kristin Nador

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