Tease Me Thursday #30

I’m just a busy blogger this week! *chuckles* Avery’s participating in Tease Me Thursday to share a sexy snippet from Fall Break Fright, her latest release. Tease_Me_Thursday

Tease Me Thursday – The Rules:

  • Post 7 words, or 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs, whatever floats your boat! Doesn’t matter if it’s published or not, WIP’s need love too.
  • Check out the website for other participating authors:  www.powerofgaylove.blogspot.com
  • Most important rule of all is to have fun!

So, who’s ready for a Fall Break Fright teaser to help you get to the weekend?? Seven sentences are forthcoming, and they will be NSFW-ish. You’ve been warned!!

* * * *

Unabashed, Carson rutted against Tyler. He could be just as much of a tease if he wanted. “I was thinking more of the relaxation that follows a sweaty round of fucking.”

Sliding his hand into Carson’s hair, Tyler tugged, tilting his roommate’s head back and exposing his neck. Tyler nipped his way down Carson’s neck before sucking at the base. His voice raspy and deep, Tyler warned, “You better be careful what you wish for, Car.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make him come in his pants like a sex-starved teenager.

* * * *

Oh boy! If you want to read more of the story, head to Amazon.

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