Ready for a Rant?

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you know that a vast majority of my posts revolve around books and writing. Every now and again, I’ll post about my travels or adventures. Once in a blue moon, I post a rant that is strictly my opinion based on what I’ve seen or heard.

Today, I have to say that I’m flat out disgusted with the NFL. I follow very few sports (they take up too much time and limit my reading time), but every fall I’m ready for some football. This year, though, with all the stories that have come to light about NFL players, I’m going to quit watching.

Let me say that yes, I realize that not all NFL players are thugs, not all beat their wives/ girl friends or children, but the number who do and the slow, turtle-like response from the NFL makes me sick.

I don’t know if these sorts of things have been ongoing and buried or if this is a new trend. What I don’t understand is why these players are making millions, appear to be breaking the law (I know most haven’t been adjudicated in a court and that in America a suspect is innocent until proven guilty), and are still allowed to play the game? Is it too much to ask that they are suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, especially given the video and photographic evidence that exists? Do we really want these men as role models for our children? I would hope the answer to that would be obvious.

Tons and tons of coverage can be found on the web. Even so, I’m going to share two links. First is to a video that I liked and that you might want to check out. It’s titled, Ray Rice and Friends: Why Are We Surprised? Here’s the URL:

One last link before I conclude my rant. This story comes from the Chicago Tribune and is titled After Ray Rice, Will Women Forgive the NFL? It can be found here.

While I know abusers come in all shapes and sizes, I would hate to think that because these men are athletes who figure prominently on TV on Sunday afternoons that they are held to a lesser standard. We aren’t doing the victims any justice if that happens. While I can’t tell you – the viewer – what to do, I would at least ask that you take time to ponder all the disturbing news in regard to NFL players. Make a thoughtful decision and see if watching football and buying team merchandise is really worth it.

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