Sexy Mermen in Forbidden Waters

I had the pleasure of reading Forbidden Waters (Mermen and Magic) by L.M. Brown. The publisher kindly provided me a copy in exchange for an honest review. I have to say that writing a review on this story is no hardship at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Before I jump into my thoughts, check out the blurb about the story (for those of you who follow my blog, you know I’m not about rehashing the plot; I’m all about giving my likes and discussing the characters).


For the dying race of mer people homosexual relationships are forbidden. When Kyle falls for Prince Finn he knows he is navigating forbiddenwaters 200x320forbidden waters.

To save his clan from the ever-increasing shark attacks, merman Kyle seeks sanctuary for his people in the sunken city of Atlantis, even though he knows that as a homosexual merman he will be sacrificing his own chance for love. Love finds him anyway in the form of Prince Finn, the rebellious young heir to the Atlantean throne.

When their relationship is discovered Kyle is the one to pay the price. Banished from the oceans he seeks shelter in England and finds a new love with human, Jake Seabrook.

For Jake, Kyle is the chance to move on from the crush he has on his straight best friend. The strange man he found naked on the beach seems to fit into his life with ease. If only Kyle weren’t keeping secrets from him, Jake could see them having a future together.

Things are not what they seem for either of the men and when Kyle discovers the truth about Finn he knows he must return to Atlantis.

Three men, a tangled relationship, and one chance for happiness, if they can trust enough to take it.


So, where to begin . . .

I’ve always had an interest in Atlantis (and things under the sea), and the description of this story caught my attention right away. I had to read about these mermen!

The reader first meets Kyle, and boy, is he in a tough spot. Kyle’s gay and has to lookout for his clan – he put his own interests aside and focused on the safety of the others. His hard decision had them relocating to the safe waters of Atlantis despite having to say good-bye to Dax.

While settling into life in Atlantis, Kyle meets Prince Finn. The two are hot and heavy in no time (well as much as two mermen under water can be). Kyle has to be very cautious, though. The King does not allow homosexual relationships; sex for the mer-folk is about ensuring the survival of their race. I don’t want to spoil anything, but when Kyle tries to help Finn, the Queen outs him to the King, and Kyle is banished to land.

I’m not spoiling the plot twists and turns or the reasoning why certain things happen; I will share that they are well-thought out and keep the reader engaged in the story.

Jake has had a tough time of it in his own right. He and his friend Alex stumble across Kyle, who has washed up on shore in human form. Although Kyle speaks no English and isn’t fond of clothes, they manage to communicate in large part thanks to Alex’s father. Feelings grow between Jake and Kyle, even though Kyle (and Alex’s father) are keeping some pretty big secrets. Jake ends up helping Kyle through the mating heat, and while things don’t go well, the sex was hot and frantic.

Other things are revealed, which means you totally have to read the story to find them out cause I’m not spilling, that have Finn going to England with Kyle.

There are some very smexy, yummy scenes toward the end. Again, I’m not going to spoil what happens. L.M. leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger, which has me eagerly awaiting the next story. I need to find out more about the mysterious Caspian and the Atlanteans.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story! If you are fond of sexy mermen with magical powers, you must check out this read.

4 out of 5 stars  

For more information on L.M., she can be found here: or on Twitter@LMBrownAuthor

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