Character Interview: Carson Davis

Where to start…cause Lord knows we’re all busy. I was hoping to have this post up much earlier in the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it (as I’m sure you can tell)!

zombie-teaserMy friend and fellow Wednesday Briefer, Elyzabeth M. Valey, nominated me as part of this blog hop. Be sure to stop by her blog here and check out her character interview 🙂

Avery’s character for this interview is Carson Davis. He is featured in her upcoming release, Fall Break Fright. The release date is September 23rd – be sure to stay tuned for more teasers about the story.

I have to confess that it took some arm twisting to get Carson to agree to this interview. Being a “busy” college student, Carson claimed that he had too much studying and too many papers looming to possibly meet with me. *cough* *big, hacking cough*

When I called on him that – he may be studying, but the subject of said studying was surely his new roommate, Tyler – Carson clammed up and promptly hung up on me. It took several email exchanges, but we were finally able to come to terms. I have to confess that I totally got the short end of the stick. Carson wanted the questions in advance, and he told me the interview would conclude with even a hint about Tyler. (If I’m reading Carson right, he’s really into Tyler. I may have to do some digging on this Tyler fellow.) I also owe him a gift card to Sephora. No, I will not be revealing the amount of the gift card. Carson is sworn to secrecy on that as well so don’t even try to get to him . . . 

My disclaimer: If this interview ends up being boring and mundane, it is ALL Carson’s fault. *snickers*

First, let me set the stage. Carson and I are enjoying coffee and pastries at a trendy bistro in Denver. (Yes, I’m picking up the bill for this, too.) We snagged two not-so-comfy sleek leather chairs in the front window of the shop. Thankfully the lunch crowd has come and gone so it is relatively quiet expect for Eldar playing on the sound system. Carson was quick to name the artist – I’m not up on my jazz pianists. Time to quit stalling and get down to the questions.

Me: What’s the very first thing you do in the morning?

Carson: School day or weekend?

Me: Carson, please, don’t make this difficult . . . 

Carson: *giggles* My normal routine is to shower and then check the news and emails on my tablet. Of course, the Keurig has a cup of hot, steamy coffee ready for me in no time. 

Me:  Thank you. Although, I have to admit that I was hoping for something more intriguing, stimulating . . . ya know, some dirty little secrets. Don’t shake your head;  I’m going to get you to confess. 

Carson: Ha! You’re so funny!!

Me: Oh, I wasn’t joking.

Carson: Wait, you’re only supposed to ask me questions I’ve approved. From the list. You know, the whole planning thing. I like to be prepared ahead of time. And plus, if someone, um, someone close to me might read this, I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed because I sound like an idiot.

Me: Have some faith! All will work out with this mysterious T– *stops mid-sentence and cringes* Don’t get up – I’m not going to mention his name. Back in your chair, mister.

Carson: *flops back in the chair, frowning* We had a deal. Look, I really don’t want him to end up reading this. Work with me here? 

Me: *sighs* I don’t want to potentially mess up anything for you. Quick. What did you dream about last night?

Carson: I don’t always remember. Give me a minute . . . *eyes glaze over and cheeks redden* Ah, that was a particularly good dream. *blinks, shaking head* And no, I don’t dream and tell.

Me: Party-pooper. So did you wake up sporting wood or did you come when your hottie did some naughty things to you?

Carson: *clears throat before muttering several curse words*

Me: You know, you’re redder than that new fire engine – the one that just headed down the street.

Carson: Next question.

Me: Music – that’s cool, right? What is your favorite song on the pop charts now?

Carson: Hmm . . . I would say All About That Base by Meghan Trainor.

Me: Good choice. How about something else harmless? What kind of car do you drive?

Carson: I don’t have a car yet. I usually just ride my bike around campus or catch a ride.

Me: You know, I like biking. What brand/ type do you have?

Carson: *raises an eyebrow* I figured you more for a motorcycle chick. But, I ride a Cannondale road bike. Oh, and my favorite cyclist is Mark Cavendish. I just love his glasses. Maybe I could pull off that style?

Me:  So motorcycle, huh. I’ll have to ponder that more later. Carson, I think you could pull off just about any glasses you want. That’s actually a good segue. Boxers or Briefs? 

Carson: Boxers

Me: Blondes or brunettes?

Carson: I don’t favor a certain hair color. I’m more about the eyes and the story they tell.

Me: Interesting. Apples or cherries?

Carson: Cherries – with lots of whipped cream, preferably on a waxed chest *slaps hand over mouth*

Me: Oh no, we’re on a roll. No stopping now. Tattoos or piercings?

Carson: I have neither. Me and needles: not so happy together.

Me: Then in your perfect man – would he have either or both?

Carson: All these thought-provoking questions . . . I don’t think he has any. A piercing might be kind of nice though. I think nipple rings would accentuate his muscled pecs rather nicely.

Me: This “he” you mentioned – anyone I know? *evil grin*

Carson: Stop. Right now. *points a finger at me* You get one more question. Better make it good.

Me: Guess I deserved that one. Pick one of the following actors from the TV show Arrow to show up on your doorstep. Naked. Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Manu Bennett, or Colton Haynes?

Carson: That’s tough. Stephen Amell has an amazing body and an incredible wardrobe when he’s not in his Arrow suit. David and Manu – have you seen their muscles?? Swoon! Colton Haynes and that hair and his chiseled looks . .  Nope, I don’t think I can pick just one. But, I will confess, I should be having some good dreams tonight. Bye!

And with that Carson dashed out of the restaurant. Guess he thinks he got one over on me. He just better wait. I did some looking into Tyler and got some answers for myself (not that I would ever tell him this).

I can’t say I blame Carson for being worried (and having a huge crush). Tyler Owen is a muscled, quick-thinking, down-to-earth hunk. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, I overheard him talking about his cat back in Kansas. It’s no wonder he has Carson all tied up in knots! A sexy guy cuddling a kitty – yep, that’s all I need!! *laughs and fans self*

Hope you enjoyed Carson and his antics – or should I say avoidance?! hee hee

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