Tease Me Thursday #24

Welcome to another week of Tease Me Thursday! The rules are simple (in case you aren’t familiar). Show us your 7 – 7 words, 7 sentences, or seven paragraphs. Tease us all the way into the weekend! Everybody ready? *wink*



Avery had grand plans to share a scene from one of her WIPs. That, however, isn’t going to happen – sorry! Too many obligations and not enough time. Don’t you hate when real life cuts into writing??

So, this will be a M-F teaser from Denise’s story, Latin Heat.

Here is a brief description of the story to give you some background. The teaser (found below) is a bit of a spoiler so fair warning *sly grin*

Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.

The teaser begins after Simone and Roberto have just shared a romantic dinner at Roberto’s home. He has a surprise planned for her – a special fireworks show. Well, this teaser should get you steamy and leave you wanting more!


She snuggled back into his arms. “I can’t wait.” Her voice dropped when she whispered, “I hope you’re ready. These won’t be the only fireworks tonight.”

A low growl preceded Roberto’s comment of “forget the finale.” He quickly stood and gracefully tossed her over his shoulder.

Simone laughed, giddy with the champagne and Roberto’s caveman-like behavior. Her laughter died when he swatted her firmly on her ass. “What the hell was that for?” she mumbled.

“For causing us to miss the finale.” He barged through the front door of his home before he kicked it shut with his foot. He then confessed, “And for being so darn cute and sexy.”

“Well, then, I suppose that was all—” Her sentence went unfinished when Roberto threw her on his bed and pounced, landing on top of her.

“What were you saying about fireworks, Simone?” His hand roughly grasped her breast through the sundress she wore.

She moaned at his touch, her body moving beneath him. “No talking, Berto, kiss me.”


Be sure to check out the authors teasing this week – they can be found here.

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