Showstring Release

Hey everyone! I want to welcome Jon Keys to my blog today. He’s going to be talking about his new release, Showstring.

Hello Denise! Thanks so much for letting me visit. But this is Ben, not Jon. I took over Jon’s blog hop. I had so much fun at the first interview that I talked Jon into letting me do them all. It really didn’t take too much to convince him though, Jon’s kind of an old softie at heart. I promised him I’d stay on top of things. I think he’s hiding somewhere with the A/C cranked writing something new. I told him we could go horseback riding, but he didn’t seem too interested. I’ll get him talked into it though.

In Showstring Jayden told the story of how the two of us met. At least his version. It’s coming out as part of the Rode Hard anthology from Torquere Press. It’s kinda different since we met at the fair. But it’s still a cool story. Jayden is a city kid with a big heart but a lot to learn about life.

This is the last of the blog hops, so I thought I’d share my perfect guy with you. He’d be a good guy, someone who makes you feel good to be with. I wouldn’t ever need to worry about someone having my back. They’d need to have a sense of humor. Yup, a sense of humor is really important. It’s good to be able to laugh at stuff.

My type? Well Jayden is pretty close to everything I like in a guy. He’s tall and slender, which I like. The curly blond hair is a big turn on too. His skin is really light and I love it when we are all tangled together. It’s also cute when he gets embarrassed, his cheeks get so freakin’ red. Yeah, Jayden is way hot.

So pretty simple, cute blond with a sense of humor. LOL! Well Jon is motioning for me to wrap it up, so thanks agrodehardain and I hope everyone enjoys Showstring.

~ Ben ~

Showstring Blurb:

Jayden Laine has spent his life in the city, dreaming of cowboys and cattle ranches. He looks forward to each fall when his life is
exchanged for his dreams when the state fair opens.

This year when he steps into the barns he’s greeted by the sights he’s come to see, and one additional sight of Ben Ramos fighting to move a two-thousand pound bull that’s decided he doesn’t want to move. What happens next starts a juggernaut of emotions in Jayden that turn his world upside down. Now all he has to do is reevaluate his entire life and decide who to believe. And he has only a few days to do it.

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