Wednesday Briefs: July 30, 2014 – My Rugged Rescuer

Welcome to this addition of Wednesday Briefs! I have to say that I’m very excited about this story. You will probably cuss me, but I’m only going to share a small portion as I plan to submit the story for publication (yep, I’m that happy with it).

The idea for this story started last week. I didn’t have the chance to write it then, but the prompts that inspired me were the Tour de France and having a character ride a motorcycle. All kinds of possibilities with those, right? *evil grin* This week’s prompts appear later in the story. Trust me, they are there *wink*

For some quick background, one of my WIPs is My Handsome Vampire. Rhys Cornwall, a wolf shifter, has a brief appearance in that story. He intrigued me, and without writing a full novel, I wanted to give Rhys a chance to shine – and more importantly, I wanted to give him some lovin’ with an incredible partner. This snippet doesn’t capture Rhys’s entry, but I’m hoping you’ll like Jensen and imagine the possibilities these two guys have together.
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