Tease Me Thursday #19

Are you ready to be teased all the way into the weekend?? I sure hope so! And please note: this is an ADULT teaser only!


Avery will be sharing 7 sentences from Mountain Memories. These sentences are when the boys are playing poker in the cabin. If you aren’t familiar with the story, Ranger Mason Lake rescued Pianist Jax Chamberlain from an attack (not spoiling by what) and nursed him back to health while a blizzard raged outside the cabin in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. 


Mason shuffled the deck with careless disregard. Jax put his plan into motion. He casually picked up his nearly empty beer bottle. Instead of gulping down the last swallow of beer, he flicked his tongue out and let it circle the top of the bottle. Glancing up, he met Mason’s eyes — instead of being full of amusement, those pretty blues overflowed with desire. Jax held the ranger’s gaze while his tongue flicked lightly over the lip of the bottle. You’d best be careful, Ranger Lake; I am well-schooled in the art of giving head.


You’re going to have to read the story to find out what happens next *wink* Here’s a link for Mountain Memories on Amazon.

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