Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014 – Angel Conclusion

So, this week is the conclusion to last week’s story, Angel of the Air. If you recall, David was seriously freaking out after overhearing a conversation between the co-pilot and flight attendant. This week we find out what happens. The prompt for this week’s story was “I don’t want to alarm you, but . . . ”

Please enjoy the conclusion to Angel of the Air by Avery Dawes!

When the intercom went silent, Gabriel pressed a kiss to David’s forehead. “See, nothing to worry about.” He began stroking David’s back in a soothing motion. “Remember, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this.”

“Don’t lie to me, Gabriel. Did you hear his voice? He’s just as scared as me. What’s he not telling us?” David hated how easily fear and anxiety overtook him when it came to flying. If it wasn’t for Gabriel, he never would have gotten on a plane. One horrible experience as a child had him driving everywhere he possibly could. Gabriel was the first person to get him back on a plane in nearly twenty years. Continue reading “Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014 – Angel Conclusion”