Destiny Awaits Book Tour

Title:  Destiny AwaitsDestiny-Awaits

Series:  Juniper Grove Chronicles

Author:  Jaidis Shaw

Published: July 19th, 2014

Publisher:  Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing

Word Count:  approx. 50,000

Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age:  14+


She wants a normal life. They want her dead. Destiny has other plans.

Twenty-year-old Alayna Scott receives visions around water, but even her foresight couldn’t prepare her for the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her parents. With everything she loves gone, Alayna packs up and moves to the small town of Juniper Grove in hopes of starting over.

Jayden McKnight can’t explain the attraction that he feels whenever Alayna is near, but he does know that he will do whatever it takes to win her heart. When a vampire selects Alayna as his next victim, Jayden will stop at nothing to ensure her safety – even if that means bringing Alayna into a world that she never knew existed.

Love blossoms, challenges are made, and Alayna will find herself fighting not only to survive, but to understand what she has become.

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Wednesday Briefs: July 30, 2014 – My Rugged Rescuer

Welcome to this addition of Wednesday Briefs! I have to say that I’m very excited about this story. You will probably cuss me, but I’m only going to share a small portion as I plan to submit the story for publication (yep, I’m that happy with it).

The idea for this story started last week. I didn’t have the chance to write it then, but the prompts that inspired me were the Tour de France and having a character ride a motorcycle. All kinds of possibilities with those, right? *evil grin* This week’s prompts appear later in the story. Trust me, they are there *wink*

For some quick background, one of my WIPs is My Handsome Vampire. Rhys Cornwall, a wolf shifter, has a brief appearance in that story. He intrigued me, and without writing a full novel, I wanted to give Rhys a chance to shine – and more importantly, I wanted to give him some lovin’ with an incredible partner. This snippet doesn’t capture Rhys’s entry, but I’m hoping you’ll like Jensen and imagine the possibilities these two guys have together.
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Thoughts on: All Kinds of Tied Down

I’m trying to better about doing book reviews . . . really! I’m even trying to better about reading more; although, it has been a challenge because of tired eyes. It seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me! Or maybe it’s the fact there aren’t enough non-work days in the week. I think I like that one better!!

At any rate, I’m off topic. My latest read was All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes. I have to confess that I haAll_Kinds_of_Tied_Downve mixed feelings on this one. I’m a huge Mary Calmes fan, but this read wasn’t one of my favorites from her.


Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones has a reputation for being calm and collected under fire. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. In the past three years of their life-and-death job, they’ve gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends. Miro’s cultivated blind faith in the man who has his back… faith and something more.

As a marshal and a soldier, Ian’s expected to lead. But the power and control that brings Ian success and fulfillment in the field isn’t working anywhere else. Ian’s always resisted all kinds of tied down, but having no home—and no one to come home to—is slowly eating him up inside. Over time, Ian has grudgingly accepted that going anywhere without his partner simply doesn’t work. Now Miro just has to convince him that getting tangled up in heartstrings isn’t being tied down at all.

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My Sexy Saturday: An Intoxicating Interlude

This is week #52 of My Sexy Saturday, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally taking part!

For those who aren’t familiar with MSS, writers share either 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs based on a theme.

This week, all we want you to do is to share a sexy tidbit about anything your heart desires. And you all know what we mean…don’t you?

Share with us this week those characters who aren’t afraid to show that they love someone. Share with us the characters that will be there a year, ten years or forever with someone they love. Pepper their existence with a clandestine rendezvous or a weekly event, show us why we love, love, love them.


To give you some background, I’m sharing a scene from one of my short stories, An Intoxicating Interlude. In this scene Nicca and her new boss, Channing, (yeah, the one who stole the promotion right out from under her) are dancing the tango. I hope you enjoy their spirited rendition of the dance! Continue reading “My Sexy Saturday: An Intoxicating Interlude”

Tease Me Thursday #20

It’s that time of the week again . . . yay! I get the opportunity to “tease you” into the weekend with either 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from one of my published works or one of my WIPs.Tease_Me_Thursday

This week, I’m sharing a teaser from my short story, Saving Taylor.

Here’s the blurb from the story to give some background:

Bergen Klaus, a well-respected landscape architect, is over forty, single, and looking for love. He wants to explore an interest in a co-worker, except company policy frowns on inter-office relationships. Not to be deterred, Bergen devises a creative plan that allows him to come to Taylor’s rescue. But will it be enough to catch the younger man’s eye, and still allow him to make his intentions known without alerting the boss?

Taylor Prescott, a young interior designer, is dedicated to his job and oblivious to Bergen’s advances. Instead, Taylor is more than a little put off by the “gifts” that keep mysteriously popping up in his office. Can Taylor get past his insecurities to discover the truth of this office mystery? Will he be receptive to Bergen’s attempt at catching a boyfriend?

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Tease Me Thursday #19

Are you ready to be teased all the way into the weekend?? I sure hope so! And please note: this is an ADULT teaser only!


Avery will be sharing 7 sentences from Mountain Memories. These sentences are when the boys are playing poker in the cabin. If you aren’t familiar with the story, Ranger Mason Lake rescued Pianist Jax Chamberlain from an attack (not spoiling by what) and nursed him back to health while a blizzard raged outside the cabin in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  Continue reading “Tease Me Thursday #19”

Shadows of Fate Book Blast

Title:  Shadows of FateShadows-Of-Fate

Series:   Shadow Born Series #1

Author:   Angela Dennis

Published:  April 8th, 2014

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing

Word Count:  87,000

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Content Warning:  Sexual content and mild violence

Recommended Age:  18+


Redemption lies beyond the veil between truth and lies.

After witnessing her husband’s brutal murder, Brenna Baudouin lost control of her Shadow Bearer powers and wreaked havoc on her home world. Her penance: one hundred years policing hordes of supernatural misfits that spilled onto the Earthly plane after a cataclysmic war.

She’s on a routine exorcism run when she learns she’s been assigned a new partner. But there’s something about this Shadow Bearer that sparks her suspicions. Particularly when people closest to her start turning up as piles of ash.

Gray Warlow holds tight to the glamour that allows him to get close to the woman on whom he plans to wreak vengeance for betraying his people. Yet as he skillfully manipulates his way past

her distrust, he begins to see her not as the heartless monster he was led to believe, but a strong, vulnerable woman.

As they work to put together the pieces of a killer’s macabre puzzle, an attraction deeper than blood and bone flares between them. And they must reveal their deepest secrets to avoid becoming the final targets.

Warning: A thrill ride of supernatural proportions. Contains violent battle scenes, nail-biting suspense, crazy hot sexual tension, and enough twists and turns to make your head spin.

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Never Forgotten Tour

Title:  Never ForgottenNever-Forgotten

Author:  Kelly Risser

Published:  July 1st, 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing

Word Count:  approx. 98,000

Genre:  NA Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age:   13+


How can one day go so very wrong? One minute Meara Quinn is making plans for how she will spend the Summer before her senior year and the next she’s finding out that her mother’s cancer has returned and they are moving away from the only home she’s ever known.

Now every day is a struggle as Meara is trying to cope with her mother’s illness, being forced to move to another country to live with grandparents—whom she thought disowned her mother—and having weird visions of a father who was absent her entire life. Top it all off with one whopping secret that everyone seems bent on keeping from her, and Meara has the perfect ingredients for a major melt down.

The only things keeping her from coming unglued are some new friends and Evan—the son of her mother’s childhood friend—who seems to know Meara almost better than she knows herself.

Together with Evan and her friends, Meara embarks on a new journey to unlock the secrets that will not only tell Meara who she is, but what she is.

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Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014 – Angel Conclusion

So, this week is the conclusion to last week’s story, Angel of the Air. If you recall, David was seriously freaking out after overhearing a conversation between the co-pilot and flight attendant. This week we find out what happens. The prompt for this week’s story was “I don’t want to alarm you, but . . . ”

Please enjoy the conclusion to Angel of the Air by Avery Dawes!

When the intercom went silent, Gabriel pressed a kiss to David’s forehead. “See, nothing to worry about.” He began stroking David’s back in a soothing motion. “Remember, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this.”

“Don’t lie to me, Gabriel. Did you hear his voice? He’s just as scared as me. What’s he not telling us?” David hated how easily fear and anxiety overtook him when it came to flying. If it wasn’t for Gabriel, he never would have gotten on a plane. One horrible experience as a child had him driving everywhere he possibly could. Gabriel was the first person to get him back on a plane in nearly twenty years. Continue reading “Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014 – Angel Conclusion”