Wednesday Briefs: June 25, 2014

This week Avery is taking a break from writing on Bad Blood. From the suggestions she’s had, the story is going to be much longer than originally anticipated. This is not a bad thing, but she prefers to share shorter pieces of fiction here. In fact, she’s been practicing the art of flash fiction. With any luck, it will get easier the more she does it!!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

This week’s story is titled Riding Lessons. Please note that this story is NSFW!! To give you a clue, the prompt for this story was “Spread ’em.”

CONTENT WARNING: The below story contains adult themes and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Riding Lessons
Avery Dawes

After pulling his hat lower to block the blazing Texas sun, Luke leaned against Rosie, his faded red 1978 Ford pickup. He crossed his feet at the ankles as he watched an unfamiliar high-dollar sedan make its way down the rutted farm lane toward him.

He didn’t have any riding lessons scheduled for today. The driver must be lost; although, his ranch was miles from the closest town. Luke heaved a sigh as the guy parked and got out of the car. Lord, save me from idiots on my day off. Please.

The man walked over, brushing dust from his trousers, and addressed Luke in a business-like tone. “I’m here for riding lessons.”

Luke’s calloused fingers scratched the blonde whiskers covering his jaw. He chuckled, raising an eye brow. “Did I hear ya right – you wanna learn to ride, City Boy?” The cowboy tucked his thumbs into the waist of his favorite blue jeans.

The other man crossed his arms over his chest and lifted his chin. “My name’s Sebastian, and yes, I’ve heard you’re the best. I want you to teach me.”

Blue eyes danced with mirth as Luke queried, “Ever ridden before?” or been ridden as the case may be.

Uncrossing his arms, Sebastian’s hands shook just a bit as he rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt and loosened his tie. His voice wasn’t as confident when he admitted, “It’s been a while. Although, I’ve heard it’s like riding a bike . . .”

Luke snorted. “That’s what they all say.” He pulled a bandana from his back pocket and mopped the sweat from his brow. “Well, City Boy, I hope you can take orders. You’ll do what I say, when I say it.”

Sebastian nodded, his eyes fixed on Luke’s scuffed boots. His tongue skated out to moisten his bottom lip before he looked up, focusing on Luke’s shoulder. “Yes, sir.”

Huh. All of a sudden his day was looking up. Sebastian had lost his attitude; he also seemed to realize horses weren’t part of this lesson. And damn if Luke’s cock wasn’t as hard as iron rebar and dripping like a rusty faucet.

Sebastian’s lips lifted in a small smile when his gaze noticed the growing wet spot on the front of Luke’s jeans. “Guess we’ve got a deal, Cowboy.”

“You a slow learner, City Boy?” In one smooth motion, Luke grabbed Sebastian’s arm, spun him around, and pinned his body against the truck. Luke ground his cock against Sebastian’s ass before instructing, “You wanna feel my cock fucking you? Then you’ll keep that smart mouth closed.”

Luke watched as Sebastian’s nostrils flared and his jaw clenched. Good. He managed to stifle that verbal retort.

“Now that’s a good boy.” Luke breathed against Sebastian’s ear before rewarding him with a bite that was soon soothed by Luke’s tongue. He pulled the collar of Sebastian’s dress shirt aside before sucking on the base of the man’s neck.

This time Sebastian couldn’t corral the sounds inside. He groaned loudly and tried to push his ass back against Luke’s cock.

“Now, now,” Luke chastised as he smacked Sebastian’s ass. “We’ll have none of that.” He grabbed Sebastian’s other arm and marched him into the barn. Picking up a worn piece of leather, Luke roughly secured Sebastian’s hands over his head to a wooden beam. He jerked Sebastian’s hips back, leaving several feet between the man’s body and the nearest post. There would be no relief unless Luke allowed it.

“Spread ‘em . . . ,” Luke next commanded.

Sebastian quickly complied.

Well, that deserved some praise. “Nice job, City Boy. Now kick those loafers off and out of the way.” He waited for Sebastian to comply before stepping closer, but not so close that they touched. Reaching around with his left hand, Luke deftly released Sebastian’s belt and lowered the zipper on his dress pants. He made sure to brush Sebastian’s hard cock in the process. Next, he tugged the ends of Sebastian’s dress shirt apart, scattering the buttons. He pulled the shirt off, leaving the pink silk tie. As a bonus for remaining still, he tweaked Sebastian’s nipples.

Moaning loudly, Sebastian begged, “Please . . . more . . . please, give me more.” He rocked his ass backwards, likely trying to make contact with something. Anything.

Luke showed no mercy as he jerked Sebastian’s pants and boxer briefs down before yanking them off his body. Except for the tie, he was now naked and at Luke’s mercy. Maybe this will teach him. Luke quickly alternated several firm smacks on the man’s bare ass cheeks before dragging his thumb down Sebastian’s crack and circling his hole.

A cry burst from Sebastian’s lips as his hips jerked. He came in long spurts, coating himself and the barn floor.

Amazed at the sudden, strong reaction, Luke didn’t reprimand Sebastian for coming without permission. It didn’t happen often, but Sebastian managed to leave Luke stunned.

A hoarse, choked voice hurried to apologize. “I’m so sorry.” Sebastian’s arms shook as his body sagged toward the post. “I-I’m . . .”

“Shh, it’s okay. You’re fine.” Luke quickly released the leather tie and pulled Sebastian to his body. Together they sank to the floor. Luke’s arms wrapped around Sebastian like a blanket while the man burrowed into Luke’s chest.

“I’m really sorry. You didn’t get to . . .” Sebastian mumbled.

Luke grabbed Sebastian’s chin and forced him to look up. Gently he explained, “I did come. The sight of you, your response, it pushed me over the edge.” Luke closed the distance between them and took Sebastian’s lips in a soft kiss.

After several moments, the kiss ended, and Sebastian licked and nipped his way down Luke’s neck. “Thank you for not holding that against me,” he breathed, relief evident in his voice.

Luke smirked. “Don’t worry; we’ll make self-control our next lesson.”


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