All Kinds of Writing

As I pondered this post, I found myself distracted by the prospect of updating my resume. I am fortunate that retirement (from my current position) is less than five years away. While that excites me – oh the opportunities for the next chapter in my life! – I am also frustrated at formatting and organizing on a single (maybe 2) sheet of paper the last fifteen or so years of my work life.

I feel especially challenged as I think about what my next job might entail. Specifically, here’s the challenge: I know what I would like to do (yay, right?), but I will have a gap of five years in my skill set. How do I market myself based on what I learned and did five years ago? Technology has changed by leaps and bounds as I’m sure have the policies and procedures governing my area of interest (sorry for the convoluted sentence!!).

Since this train of thought is making me tired – and giving me a headache – I’m going to think about the creative writing front. That is much more fun!

This weekend I outlined two new stories – that’s correct – the writing bug has bitten me!

The first will be another story along the lines of Latin Heat. Woot, woot!! More smexiness happening in the Dominican Republic. This story, though, will have a bit of suspense. I’m excited about trying to pull it off.

The second story will be a sweet (contemporary) Christmas romance. The setting for this story will start in sunny Florida and then move to snowy Vermont. I can’t wait to get my characters together – there are sure to be some sparks…well, once they get over their pasts. Are you intrigued??

For these two stories, I’ve outlined and plotted more than normal. I’m also going to write my “back of the book” blurbs in advance. I I typically struggle with these so I’m going to get them out of the way in the beginning. Plus, I’m hoping that they might help to guide my story.

I’m going to share some sites that might help you out if you are like me and struggle with writing the blurb:

Ok, now you have some samples and lots of advice sooo…get to it!! I’m going to be working on the blurb for my Christmas story!


A snowy scene to help get me in the mood for writing about Christmas in June!!

3 thoughts on “All Kinds of Writing

      1. Life has been busy!!! I got sick with food poisoning over the weekend – and still shot my niece’s wedding.
        That’s not something I want to do again believe me. : )

        Saw Cher in concert last night – awesome!
        She was a vampire, aztec queen, elvis, tribal princess, came out of a huge trojan horse, and finished off the night by being a saint in a stained glass window while floating over the audience.

        It really was stunning!

        Writing as been on the back burner recently but itching to get back to it.


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