Writing Progress!

I’m so happy to report that I had a very productive writing day today with my friend and fellow blogger, Dawn. We met at our local haunt and got to work – well, once we caught up and ordered our drinks. My coffee choice today was a Coconut Cream latte. It was delicious, and I’m sure I will be awake until at least midnight after having caffeine so late in the day!

So, Avery’s story Spring Break Run is a complete second draft. It is a paranormal M-M romance that stands at 9100 words. Dawn and I laugh about the story’s beginnings. I decided I wanted to write a quick piece of flash fiction – 1K words in length. Well, Carson and Tyler had a mind of their own so their story is now much longer! I’m happy to say the boys have some ups and downs, but true to form for me, they have a sweet ending.

My next step is to get feedback, make final changes, and then format for submission. Then, I have to work on the dreaded blurb – I’m horrible at those (as well as coming up with titles)! LOL

Initial thoughts on my blurb . . . maybe something like:

What is supposed to be a relaxing spring break visit to Tyler’s parents’ farm in Kansas is anything but. Will Carson and Tyler’s budding relationship survive an encounter with the undead?

I know it’s rough, but does it peak your interest about the story? Okay, okay . . . I have more work to do!

Well, as I write this the rain continues to fall. I could really go for a nice thunderstorm. Then, tomorrow can be sunny and mild for all the mom’s out there. For me, I hope to start the day with a bike ride.

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