Finding Eve Review and Blog Tour


Finding-EveTitle: Finding Eve

Author: Rita Bay

Published: September 2013

Publisher:  Champagne Book Group

Word Count: 28,000

Genre: Shape-shifter Paranormal

Content Warning: Adult content

Recommended Age: 18+


Nicholas Lyons, chief physician to the Lyons clan of shape-shifters, has mourned the death of his promised lifemate until a rogue shapeshifter reports having seen her at an exotic animal sale. Accompanied by Marie Lyons who is no stranger to the dark side, her new lifemate Anthony, and the imperious Lady Bat, he embarks on a frantic search for Eve through the dangerous world of exotic animal trafficking.

Eve, whose first memories are of recovering from an injury at an isolated animal refuge, has lived through a succession of owners in a world filled with cages and cruelty. When Eve meets Marie at the exotic animal sale, she begins to have flashes of a different life – a life in which she was something other than feline. Her last sale, however, has landed her as prey to exotic animal hunters and the clock is ticking.

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My Thoughts:

Finding Eve is the second novella in a cat shifter PNR series. I read this story without having read the first novella. I was intrigued by the description and was curious about the cat shifters. I enjoyed reading about a shifter group other than wolves; although, I found myself having difficulty connecting with Eve or Nicholas. To me, Marie stood out as the dominant female character; Eve came off as very broken – so much so I wasn’t sure she would have a happy ending. When things do progress for her and Nicholas, they move quickly (especially when she had spent so much time in cat form). I would have enjoyed more of a build-up.

If you are going to read this, I would recommend reading the stories in order (and not skipping). I think it would have given me background in the cat culture and given me more perspective on The People, Anthony, and Lady Bat so that as a reader I would have had a vested interest in what happened to the characters.

This is a short, easy read with a unique take on PNR. My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

About the Author:

Rita’s journey began on the Gulf Coast. Over the years, she lived and/or traveled in the eastern US and Western Europe. While juggling family Rita-Bayand work, she participated in archaeological digs, earned a black belt in Shotokan karate, prospected for gold and crystals, camped across Europe, and volunteered with the American Red Cross Disaster and Education Services. Rita has worked as a registered nurse, educator and school system administrator. She lives with her family on the Gulf Coast, except when she’s in Atlanta, at least for now.

Rita is published in multiple genres with several publishers including paranormal and erotic novellas (Champagne Book Group – Champagne Books and Carnal Passions), historical novels (Siren BookStrand), and contemporary F/M and M/M novellas (Secret Cravings). She posts random bits of historical trivia about western history and culture on Rita Bay’s Blog at

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