City Girl Runner

I had a great weekend, and I wanted to fill you in on some of my adventures. It’s not everyday that I get to be a city girl!cherryblossom10mirun

My friend Cathy and I spent the weekend in Washington D.C. I was fortunate enough to win a spot to run in the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race. Before you start thinking I’m a bad ass runner, let me clarify. I had initially planned on running the full 10 miles, but since knee issues cropped up early on in training, I switched to the 5K. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I decided I wasn’t going to over-pack because of lugging my stuff around on the metro so I squeezed everything into a North Face backpack (not one of the climbing or backpacking ones, one that is more of a book bag). Yay me! Sort of (that explanation will come later).

Saturday we spent walking around D.C. Our day began with picking up my packet. I had been warned of long lines and an arduous process. I am happy to report it went very smoothly and quickly. We walked around the Expo, and I made a couple of small purchases. After that we ate Mexican for a late lunch – YUM!! Our next stop was the hotel, the Renaissance. It was fabulous! Clean, updated rooms and friendly staff. I would definitely stay there again.

Me_DC_EDAfter catching our breath just for a moment, we were once again off. This time we walked to Ford’s Theater (sadly it was closed). Not to be deterred, we went to The National Portrait Gallery. The Civil War exhibit was really cool! We walked around a bit, and I even took some time to do some sketching. All that walking made us hungry so it was off to an Italian restaurant to fuel up for the race. We went to Graffiato’s – crowded and a bit loud, but the food rocked! I can’t wait to go back. Check it out here. Chinatown was very interesting at night. We ended up nicknaming it “CrazyTown” because of all the loud, special people we saw. Thank goodness for the police presence!

We finally called it a night after dinner. Back to the luxurious hotel room. I took advantage of the rainfall showerhead and pampered myself before watching some HGTV and then finally falling asleep.

Sunday came far too quickly! I ate some carbs and dressed for the race. Boy was it cold out! I could have used some more layers (probably should have packed some more – maybe that small bag wasn’t such a good idea??). At race time, the temperature was 43 and felt like 38. Brr!!

I enjoyed the run – it was definitely a run since I was trying to get warm. The beginning was very congested. Not everyone was running the 5K so there were groups of walkers to navigate around. One lady even had a stroller even though the rules mentioned NO strollers. Huh?! It was a challenge on the narrow street. After finishing the race and rehydrating with some water, it was time to find coffee!! We ended up at the Panera in Chinatown. After relaxing for a bit, we headed back to the hotel.

Our weekend away was a blast and sadly was much too short. I can’t wait to do it again!

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