Spring Break Run Sample

Avery’s latest short story is titled Spring Break Run. It is an m-m romance/ adventure complete with undead characters wreaking havoc on aZombie_shutterstock_115919677 small Kansas town. It has been a lot of fun to write. So far, the draft is two-thirds done. I have lots of editing ahead and have to write the ending scene. Overall, though, the meat of the story is shaping up nicely.

To give just a bit of background, Tyler and Carson are roommates at college in Colorado. This is the first semester they’ve roomed together, and romance has blossomed between the two. Given Carson’s awful family issues, he goes home with Tyler for spring break. Tyler’s parents own a large farm in nowhere Kansas. Well, the boys barely make it into town before they are confronted by the undead.

I hope you enjoy this sample from Avery’s latest work in progress!


“Uh, Tyler,” Carson squeaked. He pointed out the windshield at a blurry shape on the far side of the parking lot.

“Holy shit! What on earth? Is that . . . ” Tyler’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.

“What?! What were you going to say?” Carson nearly shrieked. Then he squinted, trying to make out exactly what was slowly heading their way. “What’s wrong with him? Looks like he’s walking with a broken leg, but there’s no cast.”

A bit later in the story…

“Oh, hell no. I’m nobody’s dinner.” Carson replied as Tyler jerked him to a stop next to an abandoned farm truck.

“Hang on. There’s all kinds of tools in the bed. Might be able to use them as weapons.”

“Um, okay. Although I can’t say I’ve ever done manual labor let alone tried to kill anything.” Carson shrugged, uncertainty lacing his voice. “I don’t know how much help I’ll be.”

“Babe, just grab something. I read about zombies on the internet once. The site said you have to bash their brains in to get them to die. Just aim for the head and swing and then swing some more.”

6 thoughts on “Spring Break Run Sample

      1. Will you be submitting more of your story? I’m excited for the next scene 🙂 The zombie story is definitely coming along. I’ve added more to the beginning.


      2. Yes, I’ll be submitting more of mine. I got some writing done this weekend.

        Outside of writing where I’m at – I developed the whole world story what is happening in the ‘world’ right now, who the big bad guy is, and what is driving the story.
        Clue – the main bad guy is about 3600 years old.

        If the writing goes well – I have a future book idea where the main characters goes to ‘supernatural prison’ to break out the most popular person in history.


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