Review: Criminal Pleasures

Yet another book I stayed up late, reading: Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox. I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night so I finished it this morning before going to the gym. This was definitely an enjoyable m-m romance.


When young attorney Brendan Burke opens his first law practice in a new city, he Criminal_Pleasuresknows things are about to change in his life—though he never expected one of those things to be his sexual orientation. But when he meets Marcello, a sexy and mysterious stranger working at a restaurant in Providence’s Little Italy, he can’t fight his compulsion to pursue him. But while Marcello is willing to let Brendan into his bedroom, he’s stubbornly elusive about his past and his family. Fixated on discovering the truth, Brendan’s passion for Marcello turns out to be far more dangerous than he ever anticipated. Continue reading “Review: Criminal Pleasures”