Dreams as Stories

I guess I’m fortunate in that I rarely have difficulty coming up with a story idea. The area with which I struggle is completing a story that I’ve started. For some reason, all kinds of story thoughts are floating around in my head. In fact, I have notebooks full of ideas. The only problem is that my ideas encompass the first third to half of the story – for some reason the ending is always missing. Go figure!!

I have yet to figure out if it’s good or bad, but I have a tendency to remember my dreams. A while ago, I started keeping a notebook by my bed to jot down any ideas that remain once I wake. Who knows – it could become a story, right? Or, at least, it might be fun to interpret what the dream means. Personally, I like to puzzle out why my brain has contorted an everyday setting or occurrence into something that could be funny or downright scary.

This weekend, I managed to have a dream, the plot of which would have made Tom Clancy smile. Needless to say, I don’t think I got a lot of quality sleep, given what my body was doing in the dream-state! I made notes about what I remembered, and I think that it could very well turn into a romantic suspense novella.

Imagine you’re shopping. When you leave the store, you see all kinds of flashing red and blue lights on a nearby highway. In my dream, I headed toward the scene to see if I could assist. What I managed to piece together was a helicopter crashed into several cars on the road. The local authorities weren’t too fond of me asking questions, and they definitely didn’t want any help, but I managed to learn that the young man killed in the crash was the son of a notorious terrorist. (Key all kinds of fun plot possibilities.)

In my dream, vengeance is swift and furious. I spoke with a coworker who had arrived with several FBI agents. We had no sooner left the immediate area when the attacks started – from the air. I had the good fortune to run into a handsome off-duty D.C. cop. (Key all kinds of fun romance possibilities.) We put our heads and resources together to do what we could to help. Of course, all did not go well initially. Add to the fact, the air attack was supplemented by insurgents on the ground, and we were in well over our heads. Never fear, though, despite traitorous federal authorities and snowy weather with limited guns and ammo, the good guys prevailed.

I did actually dream an ending – go me! Or should I say “thank you” to my cat for not waking me any sooner.

What are your thoughts – do you have vivid dreams? Are there any pieces of your dreams that would make a good story or even a good character?


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