Welcome 2014

Well, today is a fresh start in some respects. People will be making and trying to keep all those resolutions, and in general, preparing for what lies ahead. I decided to lay out some general goals for this year. I know, I know: goals are supposed to be specific, measurable, realistic, and attainable. I think for me, though, general works better!

By the way, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to the soundtrack from the CW’s show Arrow. Ahh…new episode January 15th. Sorry, sidetracked already!!

Fitness goal: to maintain and improve my current level of fitness. Since my surgery, I’ve been pretty much a gym rat. I really like the changes in my body, even though the eating aspect has been a challenge (and continues to be a challenge!). While I may never have Stephen Amell abs or Tyler Hoechlin’s upper body, I’d sure like to get close! Wouldn’t it be cool to do the salmon ladder…okay, sorry, sidetracked yet again with Arrow and Teen Wolf!!

Reading goal: last year (2013) I read fewer books than in 2012. I was just over 100 in 2013 and around 160 in 2012 if we’re going to get specific. This year, I hope to be not as distracted by Netflix and read more. Say in the 125 range…we shall see! I’ve added Supernatural to my list of shows…danger ahead!!

On a side note, I do want to post my favorite reads of 2013. Hopefully I can get to that in the next week or so – check back!

Writing goal: I’m not going to have a specific writing goal this year. My muse has taken (and continues to take) time off. I really want to try some poetry, maybe keep a journal, and publish some shorter pieces on my blog to hopefully get my writing back on track. I really, really want to finish Chad and Manny’s story. I also have my PNR Rocky Mountain story that needs attention as well as a m-m Halloween story that I started last year but didn’t finish. I feel like I have so many good ideas and story starts, but I’m lagging when it comes to completion. Maybe that could be a goal? Complete 3 partially written stories….hmm…

Artsy-fartsy goal: as you know, I like a lot of artsy things – knitting, playing the piano, sketching, photography, etc. Given that I do have a full-time job and that there are only 24 hours in a day (and I do have to sleep), I am going to be nice and vague here. It doesn’t matter which one of the above I focus on as long as I nurture my creativity.

Oooh, before I forget, I do have a specific running goal: I am registered for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in April so I hope that both knees survive the training and the race. I would love to get back into running so maybe this can be the springboard for me to do additional events. I really think my weight training has helped – feels like it has strengthened the muscles around my knee. I hope that this means that they won’t be so injury-prone now.

Despite my general goals, it seems as though 2014 will be a busy year! Never a bad thing…keeps me out of trouble *wink*

One other thing I hope to do on my blog is compile a more complete bucket list. I’ve started ones here and there, but I would like to have one written down in a convenient location so I can cross things off as I do them. This past year, I visited the Dominican Republic so I can cross that off my list (the whole vacationing in a tropical paradise thing). Don’t get me wrong, though, there are many more islands to visit!

Since I have warm, sunny climates on the brain, I’m going to conclude with a picture from my trip. After all, it is supposed to be downright frigid here on Friday!



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