Warm Holiday Greetings

I hope that this post finds you in the company of family and friends. From me and my characters to you, Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read about my adventures, books, and all things Denise. I hope that the holidays find you well and you have a happy and blessed 2014.

Avery’s characters Jax and Mason, who are featured in Mountain Memories Log cabin in the woodsand Drama on Skyline Drive, wanted to update you on how they are spending their Christmas. Given Mason’s work schedule (the park service gave him limited time off – darn them!!), the two made a quick trip to snowy western Maryland where they are staying at a cozy lodge. Their days are filled with snowball fights, sleigh rides, and snuggling. No bank robbers, thank goodness!! Of course, Jax volunteered to play Christmas carols on the Lodge’s piano. They settled down Christmas Eve after making out under the mistletoe and woke to lots of presents Christmas morning. Of course, Jax told Mason that the best present was having the loving park ranger in his life.

Denise’s characters Simone and Roberto from Latin Heat are enjoying a quiet, sun-filled Christmas day at La Isla Bonita, Roberto’s resort, in the Dominican Republic. Roberto surprised Simone with breakfast in bed (not that he made, of course). After exchanging gifts, the two spent the day cuddling and making love before heading out to the beach.

Don’t forget Georgia and Jonathan from Wild Horses…the coffee shop is closed today, and Georgia is celebrating with Jonathan and his family. Santa Fe is graced with snowflakes when Georgia and Jonathan head out for a drive. They visit the wild horses and celebrate with hot chocolate and kisses the place they first met. Manny and Chad have invited the two over for dinner, but it’s hard to say if they will make it *wink*

However you choose to celebrate your holiday, I hope it is filled with love and laughter. Some mistletoe isn’t a bad thing either! Enjoy!

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