Happy Thanksgiving

I chuckled last night after reading my devotion. I don’t know whether the author planned it this way or not, but at the end, he posed the question (to the effect), “What are you thankful for?” That question had me pondering as I was driving to my parent’s this morning. Just to clarify, the ‘thankful’ train of thought occurred on traffic-free back roads *wink* 

Despite the weather (and the threat of a more severe storm than what we actually had), I was thankful to be joining my family for Thanksgiving dinner. I haven’t seen my sister and my nieces and nephews since the summer so I was looking forward to catching up with them.

On a broader scale, I’m truly thankful that the surgery I had over the summer was successful. While my recovery was slower than planned, I am thankful that I am now healthy enough (and driven enough) to spend quality time in the gym where I’ve made several new friends.

My muse – both for art and writing – has been quiet for the past couple of months. Even so I am thankful for those talents and for the friends who support, help, and motivate me. 

I know with the economy and other hardships, many folks don’t have the money to put a big meal on the table or to travel great distances to be with family and friends. I count myself lucky that I have a roof over my head, that I’m warm and toasty, and that my belly is stuffed from all the food that graced our table today.

One last shout-out: I am thankful for the freedom that comes from being an American. Thank you so very much to our troops who aren’t home with their families on this special day. I appreciate the selfless sacrifice that they make, day in and day out.

Now,  it’s time for some Steeler football!

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