Review: Polar Reaction

Polar_ReactionI was in the mood for some m-m goodness so I decided to re-read Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson. I first read this book in December 2010 and really enjoyed it then; I awarded it 4 out of 5 stars.

This is an m-m ménage romance. The majority of the story takes place in Antarctica. The three men – Tuck, Brendan, and Jaime – are all scientists working on a polar ice research project. At the end of the season, the three end up staying behind while the other workers and vital pieces of equipment are flown home. The guys’ stay is lengthened when a winter storm prevents the airplane from retrieving them.

Okay, so it is very coincidental that these three particular guys stay behind and then there is a storm. Since they don’t have any “work” to do, they spend the time drinking (of course there is a stash of alcohol), playing cards, and watching movies.

One of the games is truth, dare, or drink. Pretty interesting what the guys share about themselves. Tuck has had a crush on the “straight” Brendan for the past year. Brendan has feelings for Tuck and finds himself jealous at the attention Tuck shows Jaime, who is gay.

Needless to say, the sex is freaking hot! I love when Tuck and Jaime team up to “seduce” the straight guy. Ms. Thompson does a great job with scenes between the two-somes and three-somes. Most excellent *wink*

Not to spoil anything, but the guys do get rescued and return home. Tuck and Jaime to California and Brendan to Washington. I won’t giveaway the ending, but the question is do the three guys find a way to be together?

I highly suggest you check out this gem and find out.

A quick, hot, and entertaining read. I stand by my earlier 4 star rating.

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