Almost Time for NaNoWriMo

It is almost that time of the writing year. As many of you know, my muse has been on vacation since August. I am hoping – yes, fingers and toes are crossed – that it returns with a vengence on Friday.

In an effort to help me stay on track, I’m going to post my goals. I’m not a novel writer so my story will be shorter, but hopefully it will still entertaining and engaging. 

Here goes…I’m hoping you will help me stay motivated!

  • Genre:  Paranormal Romance (male-female but a male-male couple will be included)
  • Desired length:  30-35k words
  • To be written in First Person
  • Setting:  Virginia and Colorado 
  • Story will include werewolves and vampires. Nothing glittery here, though. I’ve been researching different myths so maybe my story will be unique. Also, the supernatural creatures are “out” to the public. 
Given my goals, I hope to write a thousand words a day. With my current schedule (and gym time), this will definitely be a challenge! 
Tonight I hope to finalize the mythology and choose names for my characters. My Three Act Structure is complete as well as my main character’s goals, motivations, and conflict. Oh yes, there will be lots of conflict in this one! Lots to be overcome. Should keep my characters on their toes! 
I hope that I’m able to do the story justice and bring it to life. I’ve started this one a couple of times in the past, but now I think I have the right combination of characters and plot to make it a success. Stay tuned!

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