Another Photo Edit

This photo-editing stuff is very addicting! I just checked the time, and right now I should be getting a shower and then collecting my things for work tomorrow. Instead, I’m playing in Elements and Topaz.

Michael, the below edit is for you. I used the Sharpen tool in Adjust and toned down some of the colors. I also left the image as is (didn’t crop it). Does it make a difference? Better or worse?



Since I don’t want to bore you with the same road and trees over and over, I’m including a water shot in this post as well. This one gave me fits as I tried to work with it in Topaz. I’m not blaming the software – most likely my fault since I’m tired.

In this one, I like the trees and the reflection, but I’m not happy with the sky. I think part of it was the time of day when I took the shot. The other part may be the adjusting I did to the image. I really need more time to play around with it. If you have suggestions for me, please feel free to comment.


I hope that those who normally read my blog for my writing and book reviews will have patience as I experiment with digital photography and photo editing. Don’t worry – I’m still reading. I hope to post some updates soon!

6 thoughts on “Another Photo Edit

  1. I’m back from Chicago! I’m sooooo glad to be home!

    1st picture – yes – I like it a lot better! You still get the power from all the color but the sharpness is toned down a bit.

    2nd picture. I like it a lot! You get a beautiful reflection and a sense of all the wonderful open space and sky. It looks wonderful!!!

    If you wanted a bit more detail then you might try bumping the number of ‘areas’ up. ……

    I just checked – it’s on the right, tab-Global Adjustments, sub tab – adaptive expose – slider Regions.

    The more regions you have the more it pulls pulls out the details in the picture.

    So for broad fixes use smaller number of regions – to bring out lots of detail all over the picture – use more regions.

    Give that a try.

    Happy weekend to you! – Michael


    1. Very cool, Michael! Thanks so much for the feedback. I would like to give it a shot.

      Glad you are back from Chicago! I miss our chats!!

      My weekend is off to a good start. Met a friend for lunch, and then we ran errands. Now it is time for laundry and cleaning. Yuck!!

      I hope you are having a great weekend!


      1. We are having a Supernatural marathon! The next season is on Netflix – and we just can’t seem to stop!

        So – yes – excellent day!!!

        If I can pull myself away from the shows I’ll probably work on another picture.

        Hopefully your cleaning goes quickly – and you can have netflix marathon too!


      2. I have a confession to make: I’m having a huluplus marathon of Teen Wolf, season 3. Well, I have a break in the marathon to practice the piano. Then I will be back to it!


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