Photo Editing Comparison

Okay, so I have three photos for you to check out. They are all three from the same set of bracketed photos (the last one I cropped for grins and giggles).

I have Adobe Elements 10 so the first photo was merged and edited all in Elements. (see below)


The second photo was merged and edited in Photomatix (I only have the trial version – sorry for the distracting watermark).


The last photo was merged in Elements, and then I ran it through Topaz Labs’ Adjust plug-in.



Personally, I like #3. I think it “pops” just a bit more than the first one. What say you the jury? Which photo is most pleasing? (Please remember that I am not a professional photographer nor do I really know what I’m doing when it comes to photo-editing!!)

4 thoughts on “Photo Editing Comparison

  1. The middle one is certainly out. It just lacks color and detail. So the choice is between 1 and 3. I think – for this shot – I like 1 at full size and 3 at smaller size.

    On the photoshop elements one at full size – the trees are still blended together and you just get a nice feeling of leaves and color and the road is very much a focus.

    On 3 – the Adjust – it made everything pop – so now the trucks of the trees and the leaves are all wanting attention the road gets lost.

    However – at the smaller size – the adjust (3) really pops! It looks vibrant – alive – colorful!

    I think there is a sharpen in the Adjust dialog boxes – maybe try it again with that toned down a bit?

    The real question is – did you have fun experimenting?!? That’s what it’s all about. : )

    With editing the fun doesn’t stop with the photo – it keeps going back on the couch and the picture continues to unfold…….. (clue dramatic music) hehehe


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Michael. My stupid laptop just deleted my previous comment so I will try again.

      I’m wondering if I cropped too much out of photo #3. I wanted to get rid of the scrubby trees & shrubs, but maybe the eye needs to be drawn in more with the road?

      I do believe there was a Sharpen tool in Adjust – haven’t tried that one yet – could be dangerous! I will give it a shot and leave the photo full size.

      Yes; I had lots of fun! I almost got carried away with playing with edits – shhh, don’t tell on me *wink*


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