My Love of Fall

Today’s Daily Prompt is Fearful Symmetry. The challenge is to pick a letter, any letter, and then write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter. For more information:

My letter is … P.

Pausing a moment on my porch this evening, I enjoyed the colors of another gorgeous fall sunset. Pale pinks were highlighted by vibrant oranges while powder blue clouds lazed in the sky. 

Perhaps my second favorite love of fall is the food. Pumpkin pie and apple crisp will likely be consumed in small portions, given my dedication at the gym and my desire to have definition in my abs. 

*pardon me while I ponder more p words*

Perhaps this weekend I will get a chance to go hiking during the cool crisp morning hours where the fog lingers in the valleys. Perfect for photography! Pictures of colorful fall leaves will be a must, though I think we have some time before they reach their peak.

Pull out the sweaters and fleece – I’m ready to be comfy and cozy! 

Pumpkin spice coffee – can’t forget that! 

Poof: those darn p words are proving scarce… Pressure’s on…

Perfection this time of year would include a warm, crackling fire and a snuggle buddy. Poor Willow – can’t forget the cat. Pouting, she will meow her displeasure at being stuck inside. Pressing her paws to the sliding glass doors, she will cry and bemoan her lack of fresh air.

Possibly the most fun is had by children who don all manner of costumes to trick-or-treat on Halloween. Perfection in their attire doesn’t matter as long as it achieves them buckets of candy! 

Playing in piles of fall leaves was one of my favorite past times as a child. People now enjoy corn mazes; maybe because I’m ancient, we didn’t have those when I was a kid. *please don’t snicker!* 

Persuading my boss for time off to enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor may be difficult; however, I will be sure to make the most of what I have. Phone will be left behind as I open my senses to the surrounding beauty. 

Plenty of foods, festivals, and foliage help to define autumn. Partake in as many as you can before Old Man Winter strikes!


Thanks to The Daily Post for this fun challenge! I hope you share some of my loves of fall. What did I miss that would be on your list?



6 thoughts on “My Love of Fall

  1. “Pumpkin spice coffee – can’t forget that! ” Woot!!!!

    “Pouting, she will meow her displeasure at being stuck inside. Pressing her paws to the sliding glass doors, she will cry and bemoan her lack of fresh air.” Cats do seem to take pouting to a whole new level! And they look so cute while they are doing it. : )


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