YA Reads

For some strange reason, I’ve taken a break from reading m-m romance and have delved into YA reads. I really liked The Mortal Instruments series and the movie so I decided to try out some more YA books.

First I read School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins. The description caught my eye – reminded me a Buffy/ Twilight type of book.

School_SpiritsIt was an okay read for me. Nothing spectacular. Izzy is the Buffy-type character, who lives with her mom. Her sister has gone missing, and they haven’t been able to locate her. Izzy gets an assignment to enroll in a high school and take care of a haunting. The story got moving for me once Izzy started school. She met some neat kids – really liked Dex – and joined the Paranormal group at the school. Overall, I think Dex and Torin (the warlock stuck in the mirror) stole the show from Izzy.

If you’re looking for a YA read that’s light, with a bit of mystery and romance, you’ll enjoy this one.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Today I finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner. This read was not so light, but I am interested in seeing the movie when it comes out so I wanted to read the book first. Oh, for those of you who are Teen Wolf fans, Dylan O’Brien will be playing the role of Thomas in the movie. See info here.

This book had pacing issues for me, but the end really grabbed my attention. The story The_Maze_Runneris an interesting concept with the kids living in The Glade and exploring The Maze, trying to find a way out. I think the reason the beginning didn’t click for me was all the mystery and unknowns. Once the story really got going, it held my attention better.

Thomas is a smart kid and Alby, the leader, is suspicious of him. I really liked Newt and Minho. The whole Chuck storyline tugged at my heart. I wish it would have been developed more. The kids structured a society; things were going reasonably well until the arrival of Thomas and then Teresa. This book reminded me of The Hunger Games. The end left me intrigued…although I’m still debating if I’ll read the next book.

I’m hoping that the things I had issues with will be overcome in the move. As one reviewer said, I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

3 out of 5 stars

2 thoughts on “YA Reads

  1. YA can be a fun category to pick from.

    The best I’ve ever read in that category is by Rick Riordan. He did the Percy Jackson series, is currently writing a 2nd one in that universe – and then started writing a cousin series based on Egyption mythology.

    He’s one of the few authors I’ll pay full price to read his new releases.


    1. You know, I haven’t read any of his. Will have to check one out. I think I needed a break from the “heavy” adult stuff.

      Although, I am getting the urge to get back to m-m romance!


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