Torquere Charity Sip Blitz Release

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Happy happy, joy joy! It’s release day! Hope you all pick up a copy of the anthology!

My story, written under my pen name Avery Dawes, is titled Drama on Skyline Drive and features Ranger Mason Lake and his boyfriend Jax Chamberlain. This story is a follow-up to Mountain Memories but can be read as a stand-alone.

Does this bit get you interested??

A heated argument is interrupted by news of a badly
injured hiker. Can Jax and Mason set aside their differences long enough torescue the wounded teen before the storm really breaks?

If not, perhaps I can tempt you with an excerpt:

Mason got into the driver’s seat, grabbed the maps and paperwork on his passenger seat and tossed them onto his back seat, and then waited for Jax to get in. He started the SUV and rolled down the window. He yelled, “Nita, I’m going to be running lights and sirens. I don’t want you to try and keep up. Just head for the trailhead.”

She gave a thumbs-up as Mason gunned the engine, roaring out of the lot.

The strobe lights on his SUV flashed red and blue and his siren screamed as they sped south along Skyline Drive to the trailhead. Safely navigating the curvy road demanded Mason’s full attention; thankfully Jax didn’t try to make small talk. The ranger had already shelved the frustration he felt with his lover about their argument. Nate and the upcoming rescue were at the forefront of his mind. He and Jax would have to talk later and hopefully smooth things out between them.

Mason pulled into the lot and parked before he radioed the dispatcher to let her know that he had arrived and would be starting down the trail. He provided Nita’s description and indicated she would be waiting to guide the others to the injured male. A quick check of the sky showed the storm moving in their direction, but it seemed to be taking its time. They might just be able to do this without getting soaked or struck by lightning. Considering the morning he’d had, Mason felt grateful for the little things.

Jax had donned his hiking boots while Mason drove. The ranger knew Jax would have water and extra supplies in his pack; after all, he had been taught by the best. Nice, Lake, way to pat yourself on the back! Mason enjoyed the outdoors and wanted to share those experiences with Jax. His lover didn’t mind; in fact, he said the scenery provided good inspiration for composing new music.

Check out for more details. I will post buy links once I have them.

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