Gun or No Gun

Gun or no gun became Cam and Austin’s motto, their mantra, for surviving their abduction/ confinement and looking for any opportunity to take out their kidnapper. Cara Dee has written a fabulous, intriguing story in Aftermath (Aftermath #1). I confess that I read this book in one day…well, I am home sick with bronchitis, but still, I couldn’t put it down.

Ms. Dee immediately grabs the reader with her introduction of Austin Huntley.

Unable to sleep, Austin left the bed, slid on his new black-framed glasses, and trudged downstairs.

. . .  But after having spent five months in a basement against his will, nothing was going to stop him from being outside.

Ms. Dee then launches into a flashback, giving the reader insight into how Austin landed in a basement. In fact the story of their kidnapping and captivity is told through flashbacks. Nicely done! Continue reading “Gun or No Gun”