My Thoughts: Dark Soul, Vol. 3

As I’m sure you’re aware, my “book reviews” tend not to be your typical review. I prefer to give my thoughts, opinions, and insights. This one won’t be any different. I will caution that if you haven’t read the Dark Soul series and intend to, you may want to skip this post. I will try not to give anything away, but it may happen despite my best efforts.

I just finished reading Dark Soul, Volume 3 by Aleksandr Voinov. Without a doubt, this is the best volume of the three. Hands down. It is composed of three stories. All are emotion-filled and well-written. 

The first is “Dark Lady” where Silvio goes above and beyond for Stefano. He dresses up as a hot female prostitute. His target: the Russian hit men who beat Stefano. 

The second is “Dark Lady II” where Silvio relates to Stefano what he did and shows him exactly how well he can pull-off being a woman.

The last and most revealing is “Dark Brother” where we meet Silvio’s brother Franco and learn of their relationship.Now that you have the breakdown, I’m going to inject my opinions…

  • Silvio made one hell of a female hooker, though it broke my heart that he went to such extremes to avenge Stefano’s beating. 
  • If you’re an author and looking to write a superb villain, look no farther than Sergei, especially the shower scene and then later, just before the deed is done: at 29%, “The killer [Silvio] ran a gentle hand down his face, oddly comforting, given the situation, and Sergei reached up to press it. He felt the counterpressure. Then nothing.”
  • Loved the interaction between Stefano and Silvio when Silvio admits to how he was able to get close to the Russians and kill them. At 38%: “But the same man had guarded his sleep, kept flirting with him. Stefano shook his head, tried to wrap his mind around someone who could be so gentle and at the same time so twisted.” More at 39%: “He [Stefano] wanted to know everything about this man, explore that darkness that kept calling to him. Even if he’d never understand it, he wanted to learn all he could.”
  • Once Silvio “dresses” for Stefano, sparks begin to fly. At 40%: “Silvio’s kiss jolted him down to his toes, and the question of whether he was kissing a man or woman suddenly blurred . . . But whether he was a she, or a demon, or an angel, none of it mattered in the face of that gut-wrenching desire.” Stefano pleasuring Silvio…incredibly hot!
  • Franco. What to say about him? I think deep down he is as much of a mess as Silvio. The two should have been twins. They are two halves of a whole. Loved when they shared a bed that first night. At 55%: “He woke with Silvio’s face on his chest, arm over his belly. Even that touch hadn’t raised a single alarm in his mind.”
  • Stefano being jealous when he first sees Franco and doesn’t know who he is: Priceless.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t be admit to this, but I was rooting for something intimate to happen between the brothers. Voinov alludes to their incredibly screwed up childhood. They trust each other, are the safe harbor in the midst of a raging storm. So well written that I didn’t have an issue with it. Enough said on that.
5 out of 5 stars

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