Hiking Caledonia

Foilage_Trail1Today my friend Cathy and I went hiking in Caledonia State Park (southern Pennsylvania). We did one of my favorite loops. Part of the loop falls in the park, and the other part is on the Appalachian Trail. If you look at the trail layout on a map, the loop resembles a figure eight with a tail.

Mother Nature graced us with beautiful weather – temperatures were in the upper 70s and it was mostly sunny. The park was more crowded with families picnicking rather than folks hiking. No complaints from me on that one! Much to my dismay, the bugs were out and enjoying the weather as well. I think I will wake tomorrow peppered with mosquito bites. Darn it!!

The hike was a leisurely one. We took our time, stopping to take photos when Butterfly1something struck our fancy. I’ve included some of the pics I took. I used the Map My Ride app on my phone to track our progress. At the end, we totaled 8.5 miles in 3:39. Whoo hoo! Talk about burning some calories!

I treated Cathy to a birthday dinner at a mom and pop Italian restaurant when we were finished. They were busy, but we managed to snag an outdoor table where we enjoyed good company and conversation. What a great day!

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