Review: Dark Soul Vol. 1

Dark_SoulI just finished Dark Soul Vol. 1 yesterday afternoon. I’ve gotten so behind on reviews that I wanted to write this one ASAP so it didn’t get lost in the shuffle of life.

This story, 76 pages, is written by Aleksandr Voinov and is the first volume of five. This is my first read of his. I’ve had several of his stories on my TBR list and decided it was time to take the plunge.

Wow. I never should have waited so long! This read is intense, gritty, and well-written. I love the author’s style! Stefano is the main character. He is a mafia boss on the west coast of the US, happily married, but has had feelings toward men in the past – something that does not go over well with the “family.”

When Stefano meets Silvio Spadaro, openly gay and also the enforcer for retired mob boss Battista, he finds his heart racing and his mouth dry. Something about the man gets to him – all of him. Silvio is a sub and involved sexually with his boss; however, he openly flirts with Stefano. Well, if those dark eyes and typically stone-faced expression are capable of flirting!

Mr. Voinov definitely surprised me with what occurred after the break-in to Stefano’s room. I won’t dare spoil that here.

The more I read, the more I fell in love with Silvio, and the more I wanted Stefano to ditch his wife and play dom to the willing sub. I’ve already downloaded the second volume so maybe it will come to fruition there.

I wanted to share some examples of Mr. Voinov’s writing style. He has a way of putting you in the scene and nothing takes you out of it – you can visualize everything. Such an incredible feeling!

At 6% he’s describing Silvio:

In that pale face lurked the blackest, darkest eyes Stefano had ever seen, and lips like they’d been cut with knife blades, perfect, sharp, and deadly.

Both of these are at 10%. Here the driver is Silvio (he had been on a motorcycle).

Stefano turned around to find himself standing way, way too close to the driver. Those black eyes were without light, without reflection. The stare punched the air from his lungs, and those lips . . . God, those lips.

A couple of lines later:

He [Stefano] could feel the heat from the driver’s body. Imagined touching. Being touched. He blinked and stepped away.

Are you hooked yet? If you don’t mind BDSM between men, this story is a must read!

Mr. Voinov can be found here or on Twitter @AleksandrVoinov

4.5 out of 5 stars!

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