Touring the Ivories

Last night Susan and I had the best seats in the house for Michele McLaughlin and Scott D. Davis‘s piano concert at The Piano Company in Leesburg. Leesburg was their 17th concert of 30 – wow!! The pair are traveling cross country in Scott’s car – he gets to do all the driving, too. LOL

This was not your typical piano concert. Both Michele and Scott shared stories and inspirations. They took questions, posed for pictures, and signed copies of their CDs. It was so much fun to be a part of the event!

Fazioli_10ft_Grand1_webThe concert itself was played on a 10’2″ Fazioli grand piano. Oh, I could have melted at the sound from that piano. It was freaking incredible!! Michele said that Fazioli is the Lamborghini of pianos. She wasn’t joking!

Susan and I were the first ones to arrive. I was happy we were early – we got to chatMichele_Me1_web with Michele, and we had our pick of the seats. Whoo hoo! I asked Michele if she took requests. She hesitated but asked me what I wanted to hear. I told her Misty Fjords since it is a piece I am working on. She cringed and said that she hasn’t been playing it for concerts. But, she did say she would give it a shot; it would be the last piece she played.

And play it she did! Yay! Thank you, Michele 🙂 It is from her Waking the Muse CD. I tried to get her to play Radiance, but she declined on that one. LOL I did really like Spiritual Awakening. I’m going to have to buy the sheet music for that one.

Scott played some cool pieces, too. He composed a classical-style piece titled Scherzo. That one was fast and fun!! I really enjoyed the pieces he played from his Tahoma CD. In fact, I’m listening to that CD as I write this post.

If you get the opportunity to see these fabulous musicians in concert, I highly, highly recommend it! Bravo!

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