The Wrap: Vol 1

This post is a test of my new idea. Now that my schedule is changing (insert grumbling here), I know I won’t be able to blog as much as I have been. I’m going to try – try being the key word – to post The Wrap on Saturday. It will give an overview of the past week, a kind of summary all things Denise.

Feel free to give me comments/ feedback 🙂


Cone_flowers_webPhoto of the Week (left): Cone flowers from my mom’s garden. I actually sketched these flowers and experimented with my watercolors. Not sure the finished piece of art is good enough to share so you can see the real thing!

Word to Describe the Past Week: I got clearance from my surgeon to begin exercising slowly. So, the word for the week is Walking. I’ve spent lots of time in my new, brightly colored (I love lime green!) Adidas sneakers walking around my neighborhood.

Books: I read New Girl, which was really too short to get an idea of the story. Thankfully it was free as I awarded it a meager 2 stars. My other reads are still in progress. Although, I am loving Talon/ Xavier. Talon was yummy!!

Writing: I plotted out an m-m Halloween story. Looking forward to starting it. Worked on Manny and Chad’s story. It’s at 19K. Whoo hoo!! I have to confess, too, that the boys took over, and the story is a bit sexier than I had planned!

Things to Note: Had delicious pie at my friend Sue’s house. Was so very, very tasty! IBerryPie_web must say I really appreciated it as I don’t bake pie. She had berry (similar to raspberry) and strawberry.

TV/ Movies: I am now a Netflix subscriber (I know, I know, took me long enough!). Have to say I’m loving Teen Wolf. Still on the first season, but I just love Derek Hale. So hot. So very sexy…all those muscles! Check out the cast here. Make sure you study Tyler Hoechlin (he plays Derek).

Pimp of the Week: There are two for this week! Both Latin Heat and Breaking His Rules are free on Amazon today and tomorrow! They are both erotic romance short reads. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Wrap: Vol 1

  1. Teen Wolf rocks!!!!

    Watching it on Neflix is awesome too – when you finish an episode it’s almost impossible not to go to the next one. : )

    They are on season 3 right now – but I’m waiting until it’s on Netflix so I can see it in one shot.

    If you like Teen wolf – you may also like Supernatural. 2 hot brothers saving the world. {g}

    So wonderful hearing about your week. Glad you up to the WALK stage.

    All the best! – Michael


    1. I’m so in love with Teen Wolf. It is my current obsession. Derek is such the bad boy alpha. I really Danny, and the lax coach cracks me up!!

      I will have to check out Supernatural. Sounds like something I might like 🙂

      I will be sure to keep you posted when I’m not busy swooning over muscular, shirtless guys!! Lol


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