Breaking His Rules

Breaking His Rules 300 res_edited-1Breaking His Rules, by Sue Lyndon is **free** on Amazon July 19 (today) through the 22nd.

Sue explains how the story came to be:

I keep my Kindle password protected. Only my husband knows the password. I don’t want anyone snooping around on it if I were to accidently leave it somewhere. I mean, some people don’t even know erotic romance books exist. Seriously. I’ve talked to people who didn’t know erotic romance was a genre. And I’m pretty sure if my mother was visiting and she flipped through the books on my Kindle, she’d have a heart attack. If the racy book covers didn’t do it, the book titles certainly would.

With this idea in mind, I wrote Breaking His Rules. My poor heroine, Amanda, leaves her un-password protected e-reader in the break room at her work. Her sexy boss, Ivan, finds it, and he’s intrigued by the reading material his favorite employee prefers.

Breaking His Rules Blurb:

Amanda has always ignored the attraction she feels for her strict boss, Mr. Mizenov. He’s a bit mysterious and holds everyone at a distance, and she doubts she has a shot in the dark with him anyway. He begins to treat her differently though after she forgets her e-reader at work one evening, and she suspects it’s because he’s spied the titles of the spicy books she enjoys – particularly the book she’d had open at the time, Spanked and Dominated by the Boss. Yikes. Talk about embarrassing. Even worse, she’s a virtual kink-virgin in real life, and when Mr. Mizenov threatens to spank her if she’s a mere minute late for work, she has to make a choice. To be on time…or to be naughty?

Note:  Breaking His Rules is a short story that contains scenes of spanking, medical fetish (temperature taking, oh my!), and other erotic content.

And remember… Breaking His Rules is FREE on Amazon from July 19th-22nd. Yep. You can get your spank on for FREE! 🙂

FREE on Amazon US

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About Sue:

Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate.


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