Wednesday M-M WIP

I’m hoping that blogging about one of Avery’s current M-M Works-In-Progress will get me over the hump (I’m currently stuck in the story now, feeling like it is dragging a bit and not sure where to go next).

To give you some background, this story is a paranormal m-m romance with a bit of mystery. The working title is My Handsome Vampire. I started the story last November as part of a NaNoWriMo challenge. My goal was for it to be 20-25K words. However, now I think it will be closer to 50K when it is finally finished. Presently, the story is 17K words.

My Handsome Vampire includes sexy vampires (duh, right?!), werewolves, sorcerers, an Immortal Warrior, and of course a geeky human. Desmond, a vampire, and Trevor, a human, are the main characters working to foil a sinister plot all the while coming to terms with their feelings toward each other.

So, now for an excerpt…hmm…


That last sentence broke the spell. Trevor sighed and leaned his forehead against Desmond’s. He removed his hand from Desmond’s cool skin and rested it on the vampire’s clothed shoulder. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” he whispered, eyes closed.

An alarming thought popped into Trevor’s head. “You didn’t brain wash me, did you?” He felt stupid voicing the question, but he needed to know. Idiot, your arousal is because you find him attractive. Not because of some super-special mind control.

Desmond didn’t seem offended when he answered. “You need not worry. Mind control is not one of my gifts.”

Trevor visibly relaxed, sinking deeper against Desmond’s hard body.

The vampire grasped Trevor’s hand and pulled it from his shoulder to his lips. He placed a gentle kiss on Trevor’s open palm. While Trevor wanted Desmond, he really needed to slow down things with the vampire – much to his body’s dismay.

Desmond confessed, “Your arousal has magnified your sandalwood scent, made it muskier. I fear I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from having you if you continued your slow, delicate exploration of my body.”


Hope you enjoyed the snippet! It’s time for me to conqueror my plot hurdle. Happy writing!


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