Ascend: The Vampire Destiny Series

Ascend Book CoverAscend: The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4 by Alexandra Anthony was published on June 1st, 2013.

Word Count:  approx. 54,000

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Romance

Content Warning:  Erotic/sexual material and minimal violence.  Recommended Age – 18+


Waking up as an immortal…

Josephine Anderson awakes as true vampire, leaving her half-human life behind.  She has little time to adjust to the change however; her evil father has gone missing and wants nothing more than to destroy her and her vampire mate, Stefan Lifsten.  But they have other plans…

Secrets and revelations are revealed…

Josephine and Stefan head back to her childhood home to search for the lost journal her uncle kept – a journal that may unlock Stefan and Josephine’s shared past.  While searching, Josephine’s world is once again turned on its axis when she meets Liev Banin, who reveals a long-kept secret that will change everything for Josephine….and her family.


Still reeling from their discovery, they are rocked to their very core when a trusted friend betrays them…and threatens to destroy them all.

*This is a romantic, erotic book.  It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren’t for the faint of heart.   Consider yourself warned.*

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