Jax & Mason on DOMA

HRC_Red_LogoIt is truly an historic day! The U.S. Supreme Court struck down #DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. For more information, check out this link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/26/supreme-court-doma-decision_n_3454811.html?ref=topbar

In trying to figure out how I wished to talk about DOMA, I decided I’m going to let my characters do the talking – Jax & Mason are the main characters in my (well Avery’s) novella, Mountain Memories. If you haven’t read the story yet, Jackson “Jax” Chamberlain is a  composer/ pianist who lives in northern Virginia. Mason Lake is a park ranger, working for the National Park Service.

The below conversation takes place several months after the end of Mountain Memories. To update you on the boys, Jax is still teaching part-time at Shenandoah University in addition to composing. Mason has transferred to Shenandoah National Park to be closer to Jax.


Jax fumbled with his keys and books while trying to answer his iPhone. “Shit,” he grumbled as he dropped the keys on the floor.

“Hey, Mason! What’s up?” Jax tucked the phone between his cheek and shoulder as he bent to retrieve his keys and unlock the door to his office.

“Hi, baby! Did I catch you at a bad time?” Mason’s voice sounded happier than normal. Most definitely happier since he was now at work.

“No, just trying to get into my office.” He finally got the door open. Walking to his desk, Jax threw the keys down and plopped into his chair.

“Well, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but if you have a minute . . . ” While Mason said he didn’t mean to bother Jax, he definitely had something on his mind. Something good if his tone was any indication.

“For you, of course. What has you in such a good mood?”

“You just got out of class, right? So you haven’t heard the news . . . ”

Jax shook his head even though Mason couldn’t see him. For someone who was excited, Mason was taking his good ole time about sharing the news. “Right. So, come on, spill it.”

“The Supreme Court struck down DOMA in a 5-4 decision.”

Jax whooped. “That’s great news! I can’t believe I missed it.” Jax woke his sleeping laptop to Google news stories and pics on the high court’s decision.

Mason’s voice was hesitant when he spoke. “You know what this means, right?”

Nibbling on his lower lip, Jax pondered the question before answering. He didn’t want to assume Mason was hinting at more than he was. “Well,” he paused, “if we would ever get married, I would be entitled to your benefits, among other things, since you are a federal employee.”

There was warmth radiating from the other end of the line. “That’s right, baby. Love is love, whether between a man and a man or a man and a woman.”

“Or a woman and a woman. You know Maggie will kick your butt if you forget about her and Liza.”

Mason chuckled. “So true. She would.”

“So, Mason, does this mean I can put an HRC sticker on your park service SUV?”

“Um . . . that might not be covered by the repeal, baby. How about you just save the sticker for me?”

“Can I put it anywhere I want to . . . on your body?” Jax asked with an evil chuckle.

“For you, anywhere. I love you, Jackson Chamberlain.”

Tears formed in Jax’s eyes. Mason rarely called him Jackson, and when he did, it was always followed by something serious and heartfelt. “And I love you, Mason Lake. You’ll always be my angel in park service green.”

A voice sounded in the background. Mason’s response to the person was muffled. “Duty calls. Sorry to run, but I can’t wait to see you this weekend!”

“OK. Maybe I’ll cut out of here a bit early so we have more time together. Be safe patrolling, sweetheart.” Wow! Where did that come from? I’ve never used a term of endearment when speaking to Mason before. No doubt he noticed it, too.

Mason’s voice was deeper, huskier, “I like that. Good-bye, Jax.”

“Bye, sweetheart. Thanks for sharing the good news.”

As Jax ended the call, he decided he liked the sound and feel of sweetheart as it rolled off his tongue. Even better was the sound of Mason’s reaction. He couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. He needed his hands and lips on Mason; he needed to stake his claim to the man who had saved him from more than just a bank robber and blizzard.

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      1. I love creative posts. So many authors write informative posts or just bog down on reviews and promotional posts. It’s nice seeing something so creative.


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