Manny & Chad: WIP

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of book reviews (a.k.a. commentary) of late so I wanted to change things up a bit.

For those of you who read Wild Horses, you will remember Harry Vincent and Manny Palmero, the two Santa Fe Police Officers who visit Georgia’s coffee shop on a regular basis. Manny is the overprotective big brother figure who is in a relationship with Chad, an artist.

I fell in love with Manny while writing Georgia’s story so I decided to start writing the story of how Manny and Chad met and came to be a couple. I haven’t come up with a title yet . . . I’m hoping something from the story jumps out at me. After all, thinking of titles is one of my downfalls!!

Below is an excerpt of the work-in-progress. I hope you enjoy it!


He didn’t consider himself a touchy-feely kind of guy, but for some reason Manny wanted to have his hands on Chad. There was just something about the man that screamed adorable and eager to please.

“Ooh, did Chad give you that, Manny?” Maria eyed the bracelet on his wrist. Manny still hadn’t released Chad’s neck. His fingers lightly massaged the tension lingering at the top of the man’s shoulders.

“He did. Isn’t his work fabulous?” Manny winked at his sister. She had horrible timing, but if she was going to insert herself into their space, he was going to make her pay. The price would be awarding Chad the coveted retail spot in downtown Santa Fe at a reasonable price.

The smaller man blushed, likely because of Manny’s compliments. In reality, though, he wasn’t pouring it on thick. The man had talent. He deserved to be recognized. Manny watched his sister carefully; he knew she was mulling over his compliments. Compared to the other artists they had seen this evening, it was no contest. Chad’s work screamed quality and was definitely unique.


In reference to the above, Maria is Manny’s older sister, a savvy business owner and property manager.

So far the story is just under 8800 words and is about a third of the way done. Not sure when I will have it finished, but rest assured, I will announce it on here. Please stay tuned!


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